By Anonymous - 27/08/2011 07:21 - United States

Today, I was hosting a pool party, when my husband and his friends got the bright idea of lighting one of the party balloons on fire. Needless to say, it immediately exploded. In shock, he jumped back straight into me, sending me and my $400 cell phone splashing into the pool. FML
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emilieee_fml 0

Thats a smart man right there!!

Midrash 5

He is a keeper


emilieee_fml 0

Thats a smart man right there!!

Yoyolol_fml 3

$400 phone... more money than sense.

Valentina_Baby 7

Your such a weenie xD

YDI for bringing your phone to a pool party. But, it does suck it happened. :(

Steven696 6

Who doesn't bring your phone to a pool party? Nobody intends on jumping in with it. FYL op

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

I dunno, I sure as fuck never do. You're at a pool, AND a party. Just enjoy the fucking event without being glued to your device.

You could buy a nice flatscreen TV with $400. That won't fall into the pool.

I can see it... Hey y'all. Hold my beer and watch this shit!!! BOOM!! *SPLASH*

transcedental 18

Oh come ooon!! Make him pay for that!! In fact, If I were you I would make him buy me two balloons!

coffeygirl12 14

Now do you see the beauty of free phones?

51 just made my day!

It hurts to laugh.....not!

leadman1989 15

That's not good reasoning. What if op already has flat screens? Secondly yeah a flat screen would be less likely to fall into a pool but there are other methods of destruction. You could buy more useful things with 400$ so why buy the tv in the first place?

Yeah.... If you bring your phone to a pool party you did deserve to lose it. If your a guest, leave it in the car or house. If your the host, leave it in the house. I dont really see why you need it, your socialising just fine you don't need to interrupt people to say 'WAIT! I have a text!' *ignores party while I post on facebook about party*

manMadeFAIL 7

Boys will be boys

I think the real fml is that op paid 400 dollars for a phone

@people saying "why bring a phone to a pool party" - OP said they were hosting the party. It's nice if people can reach the host if they wanna cancel / can't find the way / whatever reason.

starryxeyes 2

I think I'm going to have to agree with 40 and 153- there plenty of reasons for OP to have her cell phone on her, yes even if she's hosting a pool party. She could've had it on her so that she could be easily reached by party guests that haven't arrived yet as 153 suggested, or perhaps she just feels more comfortable knowing that if she has it if she needs it. Also just because she had it on her, it doesn't mean she was constantly texting or checking her phone.

OH NO!!! Is the pool OK?

Try some rice in the battery. Works well for absorbing water. Saved me a few times.

sammy432 0

who the fuck would have a $400 phone.

Someone who also has a BMW.

it's called an iPhone

Your not over weight at all :)

Yoyolol_fml 3


What an idiot.

I read this comment in Hermione's voice. Thought I'd let you all know.

tylersign 11

11, I have a good feeling that you're gonna have a thumbs up storm in your near future. As for OP, I hope it was an iPhone. Otherwise, I wouldn't feel too bad. ;)

Haha, nice. Yesterday evening, I was going through boxes of stuff from years ago when I found a 2002 Harry Potter movie calendar, which got me imitating lines from the first movie (along with other movies involving British accents), eventually influencing this comment. That you read this in the intended fashion when there was no indication present is a nice little coincidence.

Emma Watson is hot. I know, it's kinda irrelevant and obvious but I just had to say it. Thumb up/down all you want.

58 your a good subject changer

58- so is bonnie wright

tans_fml 0

an idiot that op married. ydi

Midrash 5

He is a keeper

He better buy you a new one!!

He burst her bubble.

Who the hell spends that much on a phone? Twitter an Facebook an app functionality isn't worth it

cudi504 4

Make him pay for it an tease him about it forever

I bet you get teased a lot with a photo like that

tmmundy 17 are so right. All I could think of is why he thinks that's cool.

op got smartphOWNED!

You... Don't have an iPhone or android...? :/

hah, you gotta love all these trending try-hards, thinking anything non Apple or non Google must be some weird tech from the 1950s...

Cell phones are stupid anyways they're a big waste of money

Hey now. Don't hate on cell phones. They are what makes this site go vroom. :)

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

More like what makes the modern world go 'vroom.' It is near impossible in this fast-paced technological society for people to survive without cell phones. I don't mean kids and teenagers, but anyone who is old enough to work. One simply cannot try to stick to the 'old ways' now, it's very unwise. Even the shittiest free cell phone will do.

sxe_beast 11

I like how I'm a "trending try-hard" because I have an iPhone. Oh and like windows Android is made by many different brands. Like HTC. And HTC makes epic phones.

tigermilz 1

So what is a computer to you ?

A computer is an mmo machine to me :)

Price indicates nothing about Android. I got a free MotoCitrus running android with my family plan.

You got a keeper there..

ohlone 0

That's gay

nollid7 5

YDI, why would you buy a $400 cell phone, obviously you have no real life outside of technology huh? LOL

He's a keeper!!! Must be if you married his, this is just another reason (:

That's a man of the future.

You deserve it for buying a $400 cell phone. Wth ?

It's probly an iPhone and most people who have an iPhone are in bussines.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Or using the FML app.

Majstr 23

Smart phones are awesome.

I have an iPhone 4 and I only paid $200 ish for it

iPhones are 200$ with plan

iPhones are 200$ with plan

In Belgium I had to pay €749 for my iPhone..

ramboman19 8

Ever think it may be a 32gb iPhone? It's kind of an iPod also.... Enjoy your nokia.

Why does everyone add price tags on FMLs? My phone was free on contract (unlocked too). Insure it if you're gonna pay that much and don't have an adequate spare.

Oh come on it's not like u spent your $400 to buy it. We all know u used his money so he is the one that loses out lol.

Wow, really? Just because she's a woman you naturally assume she didn't pay for something herself? You're an ass.

I'm pretty sure 13 was joking -_-

shit, calm the fuck down it was a joke, no underlying tones or implications, he just wanted to make someone laugh

thrashdu2002 5

it prolly was his money. and that bitch probably used the free upgrade for the phone so it didnt cost shit. and who takes there cell phone to a pool party.

thrashdu2002 5

ur a dumb feminist cunt

I'm probably being too damn sensitive. It just bothers me when people (not just men, but people in general) naturally assume that because a woman has expensive things, a man bought them for her.

aFatFuck 0

Yeah it's stupid to assume. Sadly this is the case a lot :/ Also I'm not saying the man makes more money just that women expect men to still buy things for them even when they have a job

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29


Alexisthebestest 16

I make my own money. I take pride in knowing I don't rely on others. I've helped support my family since I was 15, & until I win the lottery, I'll keep doing that.