By yee-whore - 18/10/2014 18:44 - United States - Waterbury

Today, I confronted my girlfriend after catching her cheating on me. After she finished crying, she had the brass balls to say she'd understand if I needed a couple of weeks to forgive her, and asked me for bus fare so she could go tell the other guy they could only be friends now. FML
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I'd buy the ticket, but it would be out of town one-way.

i dont like saying ending relationships is the best way but in this case you'll be better off without her.


I'd buy the ticket, but it would be out of town one-way.

martin8337 35

I wouldn't have bought her a bus ticket . I would have kicked her ass to the curb and be done with that cheating bitch.

Buy the bitch a one way non stop ticket to Barrow Alaska, then give her a smile and happy wave as the bus leaves the station.

Yeah I seriously hope he means ex girlfriend. One way ticket out of his life someone who has done something as terrible as cheating on a partner, I can say that the saying, "once a cheater, always a cheater," is false. People make mistakes and have lapses in judgement, but we are very capable of learning from them. I have. I felt so sick about what I did and am still punishing myself 8 years later. Don't misunderstand me, I think that this girl is definitely an idiot for assuming he will forgive her or that she could remain friends with the other guy, and he would most certainly be better off without her.

47, I agree with you that "once a cheater, always a cheater" isn't always true. I personally believe that people can change. Unfortunately, this saying is probably true for a lot of cheaters, but definitely not all.

It's true for enough cheaters. How is someone supposed to trust someone who broke their partner's trust willingly? Idk it might just be me, but I'll always think of cheaters as scum.

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I cheated on my boyfriend in highschool out of revenge. I made out with someone else. The next day I told him we needed to talk. He was unapologetic about what he did so I broke up with him and didn't tell him what I did. It was immature and idiotic of me and I still regret it but I tell any guy I date about it and if they think a relationship with me is too risky I dont blame them. I've never cheated since

I honestly don't know whether to like or dislike that comment

i dont like saying ending relationships is the best way but in this case you'll be better off without her.

He already is without her, the bitch is just trying to get some goodbye money out of him.

orbit 22

She is the type of person who sucks dick for bus fare then walks home...

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You better kick her ass to the Curb op

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Bro i know how you feel, girl did the same thing to me, if you have it in you to forgive her do it. But if you dont, life's to short to be un-happy. If you do find it in you to forgive her, completely let it go, dont hold it over her head like i did.. It crushed my relationship because of that. Heart goes out to you

He could also forgive her withoug taking her back.

You don't just accidentally cheat on someone, if you've done it once then you're clearly not that dedicated to your partner, and why should anyone forgive you for stomping on their emotions? I could never forgive a cheater, my first bf had 3 other girlfriends at the same time and as I was long distance I couldn't keep tabs on it.

Let it go! Let it go! I can't hold it back anymore!

life is too short so be with someone who is going to value you and appreciate you. **** cheaters.

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How can someone (his girlfriend) be that dumb?

Don't worry man. I'm gonna use my own bus fare money and find you to give you a big ass bro hug. You need it.

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a genuine sorry is hard to come by. shes not sorry she did it, only that she got caught

Hey I cheated on you, but I'm so sorry, I was thinking about you the whole time

cheshireau 26

Use the fare to take the bus far away from her.