By funnyhowthatwork - 17/08/2016 17:19 - United States - Montrose

Today, the guy I like finally called to ask me to go grab a drink with him. I just moved six hours away. FML
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funnyhowthatwork tells us more.

Op here, I explained just how far I moved (since I only mentioned moving but not the distance) We are meeting up in a few weeks to have that drink!

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Sorry op :( but there's other fish (possibly better fish) in the sea

LevelupKid 8 don't know shit do you?...

I know it sounds cheesy but some say everything happens for a reason. Maybe it wasnt meant to be. For all you know he could be a psycho. enjoy life get sum ;)

Ask him if he's willing to meet you halfway.

"On the bill? Sure! Okay, see you there!" *click*

Atleast you now know that he's interested, even though it's a little late

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that happened to me too holy shit. i know the feeling really.

look at it this way if he asked you out earlier and you guys started going out moving 6 hours away would have been a lot harder

but then op wouldn't have moved I the first place

10 I'm pretty sure she had a reason to move

No, I still would have moved. Financially I had no choice.

You should have made a move. You deserved it.

Don't let that stop you! I have been in a long distance relationship for more than a year with a guy who lives 9 hours by train/1,5 hours by plane from where I live - and it's going great. tl;dr: Distance is an obstacle for love that can be overcome!

what's meant to be will always find a way. see if there's a middle ground to meet on?

there is a middle ground, but it's about 3 hours away.

I'm aware, I'm sure some form of arrangement can be made.

We are meeting, I just so happen to be going to a town close to him next month so since I'll be there we are meeting up then.