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Today, I confessed to my girlfriend that I cheated on her. She told me that she needed time to think, and left. An hour later, her dad came by with a baseball bat. FML
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You didn't really think we would sympathise...


sexyboi1985 27

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According to the FML he is quite the player.

Harshdfml 14

I know just the balls that he plans to hit for a home run..!

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19 - While that may be true, he's still a pathetic piece of shit for doing it in the first place.

That does not make up for what he has done. If you want to cheat in a relationship you shouldn't be in that relationship.

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Depending on how bad the hit, I might rather get hit than my car get hit

Maybe he took a Louisville slugger to both headlights, slashed a hole in all 4 tires. Just so maybe next time he'll think before he cheats. Btw I don't condone violence of any sort. I'm surprised with how many people think it's okay to injury someone and not worry about any type of further consequences to that action. What a crazy world we live in when so many people think a beat down solves anything vs brings on more tragic problems.

SynysterNero 20

It doesn't matter that he told her. He still deserves to get his ass kicked for cheating on his girl.

Really? You think the OP is just going to stand there and allow himself to get hit and not defend himself? You think no one is going to get arrested or have medical bills including the father? The drama will never end. Fantasy: "Kick his ass, Sea-bass. Reality: some have played too much Mortal Combat. :P

Moral of the story... Keep your mouth SHUT!!! Bcz tellin the truth doesn't get you ANYWHERE with females

Llama_Face89 33

Because murder is always an acceptable reaction in any situation...

Not only was that a waste of a first comment, it actually really ******* hurts to be played/cheated on.

he did get involved in a game but unfortunately he wasn't a player, yeah he was the ball

Axel5238 29

Very true, he was a dick for cheating but going there and hurting him or his car or anything else would lead to a police report. It'd be really easy to to convict the dad if he hurt the ex bf or did any damage to his property.

Gonna have to agree w/ enslaved on this one. Beating the shit out of someone for cheating is ridiculous. Use social media and be creative instead. Ruin his opportunity to **** another girl over in the future instead. Destroy his reputation. There aren't legal consequences that way. Then find someone better suited to you as your next bf. thumb me down all you want, but this generation of trigger happy people is starting to get irritating.

257- I'm pretty sure there are legal consequences for destroying a person's reputation...

#171 If someone took a bat to my car, whether or not I cheated, they'd have the police to deal with. Sure cheating is a douche move, but a third party escalating things by trespassing, threats of violence and damage to personal property sure as hell isn't the answer. If it was I'd escalate and burn his house down instead.

Axel5238 29

Actually, destroying someones reputation does have legal consequences. You can get taken to court over that depending on the situation. Particularly over social media, if if they can screen cap it or save it it can be printed given to the police and used in a case against you for slander if not harassment.

No, not really. Even though OP really ****** up, he doesn't deserve to be beaten. OP can press charges for assault.

NagainaFier 16

So long as the information being given online is true, I don't think (I'm not an expert on the law, so I'm not 100% certain) you can be sued for slander/defamation of character. On another note, sadly, even if the gf blasted across all her social media that OP's a cheating asshole, the girls who are the 'other woman' often either a) are being played just as hard as the gf, (don't know he has a girlfriend, etc.) or b) have such low self esteem that they don't care if he's a cheating pig.

Actually even if it is true legal action can be taken...

Truth is an absolute defense against slander and libel charges. But that doesn't stop someone from taking you to court and making you burn fistfulls of monies.

No one deserves to be beaten with a baseball bat. Well, OK, some do, but not for cheating. That's over the line, and illegal.

Corrupt_waffles 13

Cheating is over the line and deserves castration. I think OP got off too easy.

ise3 10

If i had a daughter i would beat the shit out of any guy who dares treat her like that. At the very least.

ise3 10

Thats what the bat is for isnt it? Just saying that any dad would be incredibly pissed.

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ArielTheMermaid 17

While he shouldn't have cheated, I still applaud him some for admitting it to her. Better for her to hear it from him than from someone else three months later

XxXCrissyXxX 12

But most people only confess because the guilt is eating at them, so they confess just to feel better about it. It's not for her, it's for him to feel better.

@125 this is a no win-win situation here... and it's the best that it was going to get. OP is smug for cheated, but at least he owned up to it. It's still better than being heard from someone else.

cradle6 13

I bet physical assault is okay if it was the girl who has cheated! Right? Equality and whatnot.

KingCeltic77 18

Back in ancient Israel if the girl cheated she would be stoned by her father and brothers.

You didn't really think we would sympathise...

I'm surprised how many FML's on this site are of the OP doing something stupid and childish, and then wanting sympathy. I thought everyone got taught as a little kid that you don't get rewarded for breaking the rules, and vise versa.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I think if they knew of the FML community, I'm pretty sure they'd know sympathy is the least they are going to get.

OPs' ex should be getting sympathy if anyone.

I've got sympathy for the OP if he actually got beat with the bat, and no, I don't condone cheating. Cheating is an asshole thing to do. Beating someone with a bat is also an asshole thing to do. So, all I'm seeing from these comments is that most of you think we should all be assholes. Believe me, that makes for a world nobody wants to live in.

On second thought, I suppose I don't have sympathy for him, but I don't approve of the dads reaction, as per the rest of my above reply.

Haha OFF is the shit. Go get him, Batter.

KingCeltic77 18

What the hell did you expect, for her and her dad to go "Don't worry about it" ? If I were her dad I would've done the same thing. YDI.

CubanBitchh 10

Your picture goes perfectly with your comment.

Pretty sure my husband would be walking up someone's door step with his .45 cal. if our daughter came crying to him for something like this haha.

-80 Something's are worth spending some time in jail for.

I agree. He DESERVES to be beaten but you shouldn't stoop to their level and beat them

What I find interesting is that there are alot more laws for Physical acts over Mental. Cheating on someone can destroy them for months, years and longer, breaking someone's legs means not walking for a few months with maybe some side effects. I'm not saying introduce laws for making up and cheating etc... I AM saying that we need to have a think about if damaging Mental and Physical acts are so different in the severity to how they affect the person.

KingCeltic77 18

I agree. Take bullying for example. If some guy punched me in the face, I could learn to defend myself or fight back. But if everyone just made fun of me non stop and posted stuff about all over Facebook, I might never recover from it and it could haunt me forever, maybe even throwing me into a depression.

#80, seriously? If someone hurt the feelings of a loved one I'd be ******* angry. Oh, and trying to insult commentors' family members for being protective of loved ones is just plain dickish.

Well #135, my daddy used to be a super secret agent and he said your dad smells!

KingCeltic77 18

144- You're dad will tell you to stop crying or he'll give you something to cry about: He'll call me to have me put my foot in your ass.

KingCeltic77 18

You haven't seen That 70s Show, have you dumbass?

In hindsight, this Nick fellow is actually...reasonable and correct. I don't condone cheating but, come on, we're not cavemen anymore.

93 - There are very few circumstances in which I would condone hitting a woman. This is not one of them. But before I make my next statement let me make something clear. I am not a chauvinist by any means and I do not look down upon women. That being said, I do still believe men and women are built very differently. Men are usually tougher and less emotional than women. Allowing you to punch men in the face and not women. And sometimes you just gotta punch em in there snot box to get your point across.

@KingCeltic77, bullying is illegal; it's called harassment or defamation of character. However, it can be difficult to prove (except on social media) and many people being bullied don't want to risk pressing charges out of fear.

Goober244 12

Well actually 93, It is ok to bash her face in.

CubanBitchh 10

Any dad that cares about his daughter would probably lose his temper like that, and you deserve it for being a cheating bastard that can't keep it in his pants.

I don't know what kind of uncivilezed kind of parents you have but it isn't normal to beat someone up everytime your child is sad

#122 and #127, take your hippiness somewhere else.

CubanBitchh 10

If some bitch would hurt my son, I'd lose my temper and go out to hurt her. I'm not saying it's right, I'm not saying everyone should do it - I'm saying I'd probably do that. I was born and raised here in the South; you hurt someone we love, we are gonna hurt you twice as bad.

CubanBitchh 10

If you beat my daughter for hurting your son, I'd understand, but don't be surprised if I'd come after you, just like many parents would come after me in the previous situation I posted. I'm NOT saying it's right. I'm just saying it's what I'd do, 9/10. Not everyone is a civilized, TV-perfect person that can control their temper, and I'm just being honest.

CubanBitchh 10

As someone stated in the above comments, some things are worth the price. Besides, I don't know in which place of big ******* you live in, but here the OP's father would probably beat his ass before the girlfriend's father does.

Emily062611 6

Nick, while I tend to agree with what you're saying, you kinda make those of us who agree with you look like we're all self righteously beating a dead horse (no pun intended) when you post the same thing 800 times. It also does not say he actually hurt op. He deserves a little scare for cheating.

SystemofaBlink41 27

142- You should really control that temper of yours... I'd be pissed, but I know how to control myself(not that I'd do much damage). It's better to avoid any serious problems(injuries, lawsuits, etc.) than to beat someone with a baseball bat. And you'll probably say that you don't care or that they deserved it, but is it really worth all that trouble and possible effects?

poodle_juice 17

Even though you were right to tell her, I'd say that cheaters deserve whatever comes their way.

I agree, and everyone tries to work around it. To me, something as simple as flirting or holding hands with another could be considered cheating. Anything that shows your heart isn't dedicated to your relationship.

You think so huh? So no matter the reason, he desevred it? No matter what she did, or any reason, he deseved it? I want to know the full story. Thumb me down all you want, but do not disregard everything I say simply because I do not agree with what the majority believes. Even if he constantly cheated, I would not say he deserves it because she would be choosing to allow it. She would not have to stay if he did not care about her. But what if he just cheated once, and a mistake he regreted completely and told her so as to make it less painful to find out from some one later? Does he still deserve to be beaten half to death for chosing to stand up and admit what he did? Everyone keeps saying he is a cheating bastard who deserves to be put in the hospital but at least he told her. How many guys, or even girls for that matter, care enough to tell the other person? Admitting a serious mistake is not an easy thing to do for any one. I know cheating is never right But some situations are worse than others. It sounds to me like this is the first time he cheated on her but she sure didn't give it much thought. Think of the situation before wishing harm to someone. Hell, for all anyone knows, she could have been cheating on him and as revenge, he cheated on her but regreted it and wanted to tell her to work it out. What then? It is still wrong, but does it warrent a beating? If you really care about some one, wouldn't you want to talk to them first? find out the truth of what they did and maybe, oh I don't know, work past it? Maybe that is too hard. Maybe most people are still too primal to restrain their anger and instead act first. Maybe it is too hard to think, to forgive someone for a mistake and they just want to lash out instead. I am tired of seeing people use violence as a first course of action. I have been cheated on before but I am not going to go and beat her up. Why is it worth it? Anger will fade if you give it time. It fades a lot faster if you talk it through. If you really care about them, then it can be worked out. If you do not care enough then you should just put them out of your life. Use your head first, not your anger. Think about why it could have happened.

flashback.miss 28

First sentence in: automatic YDI. Either stay faithful or break up respectfully.

Okay you deserved it for cheating but the bat does seem kind of extreme.

Well what's stopping you, 20? You can't run someone over with a car?

Violence doesn't do shit because the cheater still wins. To deal with scum, you have to think differently. Spread rumors, or at least the truth. If they beat you to the punch? Spread rumors about yourself. No girl wants to **** a guy with a serious STD that's traced back to his 'slutty' ex. However, OP, I commend your honesty. Owning up to your mistakes means you're not a lost cause. Reflect upon yourself and I bet you'll see happy and faithful relationships in the future.

45- Violence gives a sense of accomplishment, a sort of "hurt them as much as they hurt you". Plus it's faster and easier than spreading words.

Are you telling me you don't feel accomplished cockblocking, pulling off a well-devised plan, or beating someone in a mental struggle? Excuse me while I go check in with Doc about these cracked ribs. I'll send you the bill later.

very few people can be objective enough on the spot to wait and come up with the plan, in any case one can make two, beat his ass, serve time, repenting for the previous mistake and use the time in jail to come up with said dark and devious plan

andrealovvve 17

45, putting violence on someone who hurt you like that feels ******* great. When I got cheated on by my ex, I whooped his ass and I felt alot better afterwards :) That's just the way I like to take my anger out fully. But that's just me.

andrealovvve 17

I just said that's how I take my anger out and it felt good. And I don't think it's as bad if girls do it cuz guys are physically stronger so when girls do it, it probably wouldn't hurt them as much but idk for myself it is the answer, don't really care if anyone says differently.

270, that you don't see what's wrong with your comments is sad. I would never beat up a human being unless it was in response to a physical attack. You need to learn how to deal with issues maturely, before you get in trouble...

270, it doesn't matter who is physically stronger when the person is wielding a weapon. Not saying you attack people with weapons but alot of people think its ok for a woman to hit a guy because they can't do as much damage, which is true in some cases, but often times people will use something such as a base ball bat, or in a womens case, the stereotypical frying pan which can cause serious and possibly fatal injury.

#270 I'm going to laugh when you're picked up on assault charges.