By Anonymous - 18/10/2014 18:33 - United States

Today, my psycho mom walked in while I was chilling and having fun with some friends. She kicked them out and now wants to drug test me, because, "Nobody's that happy without drugs." FML
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OP should go ahead and take the test. Prove her that she's wrong... And stupid..

orbit 22

Unless he has substances still in him from a different time is he does use.

Drug test your mom, paranoia is a side effect of drug abuse. Naw I'm just kidding, your mom sounds like an absolute riot for a teenager to live with.

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Not, I think you're on to it. OP should challenge mom. If he test positive, he'll get help. If negative, she should get some psychiatric help

she won't believe the results and will ground the OP for faking them

lexiieeex3 32

Next time you see her even mildly enjoying herself, demand a drug test!

I think OP should agree to do the drug test and when it comes back negative he should look his mother straight into the eyes and say "I pity you if you think a human being needs drugs to be happy".

Epikatz 22

# 28 has a point though. Not to bash on anyone, but how miserable does someone have to be to come up with that conclusion ?

Every day has its highs and its lows. I guess she prefers you have the lows over the highs though...

JMichael 25

Well lay of the drugs dammit..

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She has an interesting METHod

It's a parent's duty to "weed" out drug abuse.

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Just because she can't be that happy without drugs doesn't mean others can't be.

orbit 22

Does it matter? I usually just take a couple handfuls of whatevers around.

orbit 22

A gallon? Why not just make it in your bathtub and take a bath in it. Just let your skin absorb it until you slip out of conscious and get stuck in a never ending trip because it was too much....Yeah that's a blast.

RussRuss 7

Maybe her best friend is cocaine