By ouharguohargssdf - 28/09/2013 21:01 - United States - Fort Wayne

Today, my wife made me go with her to dinner with her parents, despite their long-standing hatred of me. Later on, my mother-in-law muttered to me, "I made yours special for ya", smirked, then made a show of scratching at her butt-crack. FML
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Do the same but make a show of scratching your balls next time.

Oh mother in laws...


Oh mother in laws...

I was really hoping for a good mother in law joke first

I'm not that clever on quick thinking

OP: Haha, you sure got me! Sounds like someone's never going to meet her grandchildren! :D *big smile, walk away*

Damn she really hates your ass OP.

Tell her that later in life you will help pick her nursing home and then just smile

Looks like you won't be eating dinner with them ever again.

What the fuck did you do to make them hate you so much OP?!

Well apparently OP married their daughter. What a selfish dick he is for marrying their little girl! She could have married a lawyer or a doctor! Shame on you, OP, letting love get the best of you..

Do the same but make a show of scratching your balls next time.

Shed prob get all excited and attempt to take a bite out of his balls aswell

I think it's trying to communicate.

She sounds like an ass...

Why must FML be filled with puns

#12,cos its the easiest and lowest form of wit next to sarcasm unless you construct eloquent poetry out of the sarcastic and witty pun-ditry.

I would lose my apetite as soon as she pointed at her butt crack :s

Really? Whenever I see someone do that, I get uncontrollably hungry. I thought that was normal? No?

have sex with your wife on their bed

don't eat too much.. yikes!

Or any at all...

The "later on" part leads me to believe that dinner was already eaten. But it's still not too late to purposely vomit in her living room on her Persian rug! :P

Does your wife realize that?

Just ignore her and throw the food out.

These are the kinds of people whose doorsteps deserve to be littered with lit dog shit.