By Nana - 22/10/2012 15:39 - Sweden - Skellefte

Today, I showed my friends the picture I drew picturing the four of us in a 'zombie apocalypse' setting. Turns out they never saw me as their friend, and I'm creeping them out. FML
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That's because you drew yourself as a zombie and them as humans.


Or maybe even the ones being bit at the time?

49- I read the comment/fml pretty fast at the time but yeah my comment was pretty stupid now that I read it again. Maybe 1 meant tying them up to lure some zombies in?

I don't think that would solve the problem... They would then think that OP is creepy and hates them too. ;) FYL op

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If they are by any chance husky or fat keep them with you. Zombies always go for the slow fat ones.!

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Do you know what necrophilia is? You haven't quite used it right.

Whaa... Do you even know what Necrophilia is?

Way to repeat the comment before you teeny. No one does it quite like you do.

Ryan, his comment wasn't there when I replied to him. Plus, we're one minute off. Get of my case, mate!

Well, that's just not good enough then mate, is it? :p


You and I have a very far definition of the word "necrophiliac".

BeforeItWasCool 12

24- I'm not a he :) But its cool, we posted at basically the same time I don't have a problem, that dude shouldn't either!

Hey, you'd understand if you knew teeny as intimately as I do. And when I say intimately, I mean sexually.

Dammit, where's a mod when you need him!

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A_Teen, I think they are all enjoying the cluster-****-ness that this thread has become.

Optimistically filming from the sideline.

Sirin, Teeny said 'him', not her, so I think he was waiting for Alan. Unless there's something you'd like to tell us.

I think there's something Alan wants to tell you. But for now, just roll with Ryan. You might like it.

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Eat shit, pen sucker! *throws rocks*

Stop being such an Objectophilia-phobe. It's not cool.

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this entire thread made me feel like i was violently probed with a pinecone.

And you loved every second of it, flockz.

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GUYS! He's from Glasgow, all is explained

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Are you all Soft in the brain?

Haha his head is a thick candy shell. Whoever gets the reference gets this cookie.

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Look at Rhodes badasses in ryans picture. They are so cool.

alphaskater09 9

121-**** autocorrect-_- I wanted to say those instead of Rhodes.

Then you're not a very sentimental person with a very poor grasp of the definition of certain words.

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thatKidzmOm 10

It depends on how good the drawing is. I it's stick figures, yea, kinda creepy. If its an all out work of art...I'd like one!

agonydrum 7

Well than you and op should be friends, doesn't make it any less weird

BeforeItWasCool 12

It's not that weird. I have artistic friends and I've featured in some of their projects. I think the weird thing here is the fact these people aren't friends with OP, while OP thought they were. That's a little odd. The drawing itself isn't.

38 and 57) no matter how "normal" you think it is, to someone out there, it's morbid, creepy, and weird. I don't think it is but I also don't get why 3/45 is getting so thumbed down?

I'd actually think it'd be pretty sick to see a drawing of me and my friends in that scenario.

I sometimes sketch/draw Supernovae, which is one of the most catalytic events in the universe, which has more than enough power to obliterate the Earth and respective solar system (although Sol with not go Supernova) does that make me creepy too? Death of a star and what not...

Is it really that weird? Maybe I have strange friends (we love zombie movies and often discuss our plans for a potential zombie apocalypse), but I wouldn't find it the least bit strange if any of them drew a picture of us all fighting zombies. In fact, I'd be kinda flattered that they'd still want me around, even when the world is ending.

agonydrum 7

189 thanks for the life story and no that's not weird at least I don't think so, 94 it's just all the people who think zombies are cool and that the apocalypse is coming

94, 3/47/114 isn't getting thumbed down because they have an unpopular opinion, they're getting thumbed down because they're acting like an ass about it.

That's because you drew yourself as a zombie and them as humans.

...that would explain a lot. I guess people are afraid of the inevitable, especially now that they have declared that they are NOT friends, deeming them fair game..?

Their loss. Now they are not gonna be in your team when the zombies attack!

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When they ask for shelter, tell them they're creeping you out

They'll regret not being friends with you when the zombie apocalypse happens.

LappDance 16

That one flew right over your head, didn't it 66?

OhDearBetrayal 25

I have a feeling that 66 would make a great "Stupid Girlfriend" meme. No offense or anything, but your facial expression and your comment kind of give it that air.

Pfft! As long as the picture wasn't of you eating their face or something they'll get over your creepiness.

Now you know who to kill first during the apocalypse.

Valiumknights44 12

The zombie apocalypse is no time for building friendships

Valiumknights44 12

Usually the only thing that happens is that you befriend someone who somehow gets infected and hides it from you. Then you find yourself in a battle to protect your think meat from imminent consumption. Trust no one!

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Maybe not in the reanimated corpse sense, but there could be an illness that would cause zombie-like symptoms. You never know.

Cordyceps and other parasites that affect the brain could easily be engineered to affect humans instead and possibly used as a biological weapon. Rage virus could also be a possibility. But yeah, dead bodies rising is impossible.

Bunaf 4

Except in ants, where it already exists.

And you know that they are scientifically impossible how? I would say more of medically improbable but it's far from scientifically impossible. Maybe you should get into biology a little more. Read this, and then say it's not possible. Be scared. Be very scared.

bonsaiboy26 1

Parasites can take over and host bodies

Zombies: Theoretically possible? Yes. Is it really going to happen? No.

JerryH 9

Look at all the smart people who realize that their is really a possibility of zombies, and some who are obviously going to be the first to die

Krajjan 9

53- My hero. I thought I'd have to list the article myself.

actually, theoretically it is. if the rabies virus mutated slightly so that your brain would shut down and not your body, then that's pretty much a zombie. you would bite and attack and eat people but wouldn't be conscious of doing so and would spread the infection that way if you survived a bite. how's that for being scientifically possible?

You should just never have said that... And OP I would love if you drew me in a zombie apocalypse!!!

Dude. Just-- dude. Santa isn't scientifically possible and little kids like him. Think of zombies as a mature Santa even though u don't get it. :)

nhi1221 9

Actually, it is possible to have a zombie apocalypse. And by that, I don't mean the walking dead. I mean that there could be infection that is has the same effects as the walking dead.