By heartbroken - 14/07/2012 01:41 - Canada - Brantford

Today, I came home in tears after my boyfriend admitted to cheating on me. My dad told me to sit down and tell him everything. He's pretty eccentric, so I wasn't fazed when he put on a pair of sunglasses. When I stopped talking, I noticed his mouth was slightly agape and he was snoring. FML
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Tell him you just had sex. He'll wake up (;

Deannie88 6

I'm sorry to hear that OP. Parents can be real helpful at times, and sometimes not so much... But they still love you! Cheer up! There's plenty other fish in the sea. He's not worth waiting for if he did that to you!


Tell him you just had sex. He'll wake up (;

And if that didn't work, say your pregnant.

And if that doesn't work, say your getting married.

*you're >.> Sorry. I couldn't help it.

At least the dad tried to act like he cares. My girlfriend's dad just tells her to suck it up whenever she cries...

TarieBoo 2

51-hopefully you're not cheating on your girlfriend._.

He admitted it probably to say he was sorry and wanted another chance. At least he was honest, at least give him that. Her choice to give the 2nd chance though

Tough call, personally I don't really believe in second chances when it comes to cheating. There's a reason they say that habits die hard - if you're able to cheat once, doing it a second time is exponentially easier; the same applies to almost anything else.

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Once I put the mattress covers and bedsheets on my little sister's bunk beds (both queen size), which was right after our parents bought them. I haven't been able to do it since.

Going back to a cheating ex is like reading a book again.. You already know how it's going to end. But it is hard to decide since he was open and told the OP

And if that doesn't work, say you're pregnant, getting married, and you're gay.

111- um, can you explain how you can get pregnant of you're gay?

Wow I would have slapped your dad... Haha or put something in his mouth while he was sleeping! But just yell you are pregnant... He'll pay attention!

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So uh, was posting "wow" just to get yourself a high comment spot while you thought up something almost as stupid to say, or did my eyes play tricks on me??

If I slapped my dad I'm pretty sure he'd whip out the belt, even though he's against most domestic violence.

9- I think your eyes.. Haha I didn't post just "wow" haha that'd be ridiculous

robinhood007 9

Actually you did. I saw it too.

16 - I think "wow" was posted, and then the poster edited their comment to make it longer.

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Wait, 16, I just realized you ARE the OP of this thread. My mistake. Why would someone comment saying "you just posted 'wow'" if you hadn't just posted 'wow'? Don't play stupid.

robinhood007 9

We're not mean. Just telling it like it is.

Wow, is it really that hard for you to come up with a decent comment the first time around?

(The joke was that I originally posted wow then edited it. Not sure if explaining it kills it, but it otherwise had a very short window of delivery.)

It's not really that big of a deal, there's not a point in bothering her about it. I actually like that she edited it to make it longer, it's more interesting to read

robinhood007 9

52 - it's the fact of why she posted only wow in the first place. She wanted her comment to be one of the first and so just said wow because it was quick and easy instead of using her brain and coming up with a real comment before posting. I don't know if you noticed but people on FML take comments pretty seriously.

To clear things up, I never posted just wow (as far as I know) I don't know how it only showed up wow but I wrote all that out and pressed send! Not sure how it got messed up in the process but I can do better than just a wow and I did not go back and edit it to make it longer! Sorry again!!

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So what. Everyone does it. Stop pretending, fools.

robinhood007 9

Well it seems like everyone does, including you, or else you wouldn't have commented. FML is for entertainment and if this is something people find entertaining, so be it. If you don't think so then ignore it and move on.

You guys argue weird things on here. So they posted wow and then edited it. Big deal. Get over it! at least they didn't leave "wow" only.

dominic1221 Either you can't see or read because she obviously wrote more than WOW,just saying .

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I'm sorry to hear that OP. Parents can be real helpful at times, and sometimes not so much... But they still love you! Cheer up! There's plenty other fish in the sea. He's not worth waiting for if he did that to you!

...Snores.... .... Oh is the FML over? Sorry OP what was that you were saying about your boyfriend... He's a good chap? Yep... Now I gotta go...


That's it? YOU GET THAT CRAP ON A DOVE CANDY WRAPPER! Illiterate chimps could have thought of that! people are taking their time to read this and THAT'S what you type? WHAT A WASTE!

robinhood007 9

That's pretty shitty considering he asked you to tell him. But dads with be dads. I wouldn't let this make your obviously already shitty day shittier. Just laugh it off, even though that may seem difficult right now.

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robinhood007 9

Thanks 21. I didn't even notice that and I proof read it. At least my meaning is quite obvious.

Tell him Ur pregnant see how quick he sits up ;))


If he was snoring when she was telling him about her cheating boyfriend than who knows what other things he won't give a crap about?


Smash his skull in with a baseball bat

SystemofaBlink41 27

Was anyone else expecting a "puts on sunglasses" joke?

perdix 29

You mean like: Sounds like a shitty *lowers sunglasses* Zzzzz?

Sharpie a penis on his forehead, then take a picture of his face when he looks in a mirror

That's ridiculous but I laughed! I guess I'm forever the adolescent.

The best way to get over someone is to erase their existence from your life. Burn pictures. Rip apart letters. Donate his gifts. A guy who can't see how awesome you are doesn't deserve you or your ******'s magical powers. Oxytocin > Crack. Chemists need to get that shit in pill form, ASAP.

Sounds like a statement that a 16 year old would make

Sounds like a statement a recently broken-up-with person would make.

Mikeskinner 7

Sounds like a statement someone with a sense of humor would make.

Sounds like a statement someone who wants to continue a comment chain would make.

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Sounds like someone who doesn't have a clue what oxytocin is...

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That's when you say 'Oh dad by the way I need you to (insert what you want here)' and then tell him later he agreed to it during your talk.

olpally 32

As if getting your heart broken isn't bad enough, your dad decides to take a snooze behind sunglasses while you're pouring your heart out to him. Super sad face D: *hugs op* the FML community supports you. :)

olpally 32

No.. Wtf is wrong with you???

olpally 32

FML clearly states that this is not a dating website. Why would I bother trying? I just made a comment trying to support op, in no way am I trying to get laid. you're stupid. Jeez

olpally 32

Just because of what I said and showing some compassion to op means I'm trying to get laid?? You guys are ridiculous... I was just being nice and kind to op and your minds go right to the gutter... Way for both of you to show your immaturity here... Just stupid.