By Anonymous - 07/02/2016 06:11 - United States - Murfreesboro

Today, barely 2 hours into a 5 hour car ride home, my mom accidentally let slip that she's been cheating on my dad. I had to sit with the bitch in a diner for ages while my dad bawled his eyes out alone in the car. FML
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I'm sorry OP. Hope things get better for your father and you.


I'm sorry OP. Hope things get better for your father and you.

TheMusicLover 16

Wow, that's rough op. Hope you're ok.

Your poor dad, hopefully in Time he can forget about her and move on to someone better. It will be hard but he deserves better.

Why would she decide that a car ride would be the best time to say that.. that's horrible I'm sorry OP

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psychopolarbear 28

I want to know how one just "accidentally" let's slip that they're cheating. What were they talking about that could have possibly lead to that?

cutiepie292929 18

I bet she was telling a story and forgot that she actually did that activity with her side piece and not her husband.

It's quite simple really, she's a woman. Their timing is always on point. Want to talk about intimacy issues during the first 3 minutes of the Super Bowl sure why not? go outside to feed the dogs come back and put the kids down, sit on the couch watch TV before you go to bed for the night, oops got to take out the trash sure why not? get married get on the plane heading out to your honeymoon somewhere in the South Pacific and 3 minutes in the flight she wants to talk about her reservations regarding marriage, sure why not? finally had sex for the first time, roll over to cuddle and then she wants to tell you all about her non curable STD, sure why not? 2 hours into a five hour car ride with family and suddenly she want to talk about her affair, sure why not?

I normally don't like when people call women that, but in this case, the name definitely fits that evil witch

I read your comment and unconsciously read it in the voice of that teacher from the vine where he calls someones mom a hoe xD

"Whoever threw that paper, your mom's a hoe!"

Your mum is a bitchcunt! Your dad deserves so much better.

Winterborn253 7

I've never heard someone called a bitchcunt before. My personal favorite is "****-juggling thunder-****" from Blade 3.

Wow this one of the saddest FMLs I've read. That's horrible and I hope everything works out for the better.

Should've ditched her and driven home with your dad. Cheaters are scum.

How did she just accidentally say something like that?

She purposely wanted to hurt him, but my thing is to do this in front of your child is hitting an all new low

Probably she accidentally said something which revealed a lie. And OPs dad could put two and two together as a result.