By Anonymous - United States - Arlington Heights
Today, I was telling my dad how my boyfriend dumped me yesterday. He responded by blowing his nose into his hand, wiping it in my hair, then saying "There, a REAL problem to whine about." FML
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  doodlecloud  |  26

Agreed, this is just the grossest thing. I'm still cringing. Boyfriend or no boyfriend, whining or not, it's just horrible. The dad could have just ignored her and walked off if he hated the conversation that much, but if he really wanted to go down the "I'll give you something real to cry about" route, I'd honestly rather just be hit (not in the face).

By  amanda182  |  19

He probably didn't deserve you anyways, but the breakup will get easier to deal with in time. Most dads don't know how to deal with "girl stuff", but what he did was pretty gross. Sorry you had to deal with both of those things.