By immaturity all around - 31/03/2013 17:55 - United States

Today, I came home in tears over finding out my boyfriend has been cheating on me. I told my seemingly sympathetic dad everything. His advice was to lure them both to our house with the promise of a three-way, after which he'd "kill the shit" out of them. Real mature, dad. FML
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I'd do what he says

tjv3 10

I like the way he thinks!

chell1894 13

That's actually pretty fantastic. Don't know why you're being a Debby downer about it

fishstick557 14

At least your dad isn't making fun of you like all the other people who have posted on FML sorry op

MagicGiraffe 12

All he was trying to do was cheer OP up :/

I agree with 1, OP. Your dad is sticking up for you, willing to kill because your now ex-boyfriend broke your heart. Every guy knows if they hurt their girlfriend, her dad will seek revenge. My dad wanted to kill two of my ex-boyfriends. No dad wants to see their daughter hurt, no matter how young or old! Be happy and flattered by your dad, OP!

Being mature is overrated anyway!

I don't really see what's wrong with this...other than that as far as I know, the "But Your Honor, he NEEDED killin!" defense is only considered valid in Texas.

sounds like a good plan

forlifebro 15

Hey at least your dad didn't just tell you to suck it up

Perfectly legit way of handling it.

Your dad rocks, I could only hope my dad would say something like that

BamBAmGG 14

That's some damn good advice!! haha

At least your dad has your best interests at heart. Haha

At least he cares. Quit whining, OP.

lpro 10

Awesome dad

Wow, you are so ungrateful! He is trying to comfort you and make you laugh at the same time. I think what he said just shows how much he cares about you and you need to appreciate him. Do you know how many fathers out there wouldn't give TWO SHITS? You're lucky to have him!

Dr0reos 8

You should. Nothing kills the shit out of someone more than a chainsaw to the genitals.

I'd tell you the same.....

Your dad is my hero.

Damian95 16

I don't think he over reacted in any way. He was completely rational about it!

God...I really just don't like your face. At all. You remind me of the skinny blonde haired male secretary off 30 Rock.

Sounds like he is trying his best OP. Even if it comes across as really wierd :P

I love the way he thinks.

democration 6

A little unorthodox, but sweet nonetheless.

Well... He means well.

BlitzPKF 10

What are you talking about that's awesome

Seems pretty mature to me. Ya know, killing someone and all.