By egged - 01/10/2009 06:43 - Singapore

Today, I came home from work and found my house egged, and bricks thrown through my windows. I called the police, and submitted a report. Later that night, I heard the doorbell ring. Nobody was at the house, but there was a note saying "Sorry, wrong house". FML
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there should be fingerprints on the note

at least they said sorry :) now you can put this behind you.... or so they will think! chase them with a shotgun! MWHAHAHA


Lol, I can imagine that happening, but sucks for you, FYL

i just wanna know if no one was home how do you hear the doorbell rings?

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Thank you..I thought I was the only person ha This makes no logical sense...I heard the doorbell ring, no one was home but there was a note? Has to be fake with botched details like that

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It didn't say no one was home, it said no one was at the house when the OP answered the door.

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Yeah, the op meant no one was at the door. Simple word exchange, not a big deal.

OP lives in Singapore, not sure how advanced their fingerprint scanners are...

there should be fingerprints on the note

Yup. The apology is a farce since they obviously aren't really sorry, otherwise they'd have paid for the damages outright. Fortunately, in their stupidity, they may have given the victim evidence which, of course, will hurt the perps even more in the long run. That's awesome. xD

Police don't use DNA for minor crimes. Mainly for murders or big robberies

Let's get some finger prints, print the whole city, and spend millions just so one person can have their damages taken care off. Sounds reasonable!

If there are some hopefully he will be in the system.

Haha thats hilarious, hope someone payed the bill though!

Ahaha, I'm sorry, but this is awesome. Not for you though.

at least they said sorry :) now you can put this behind you.... or so they will think! chase them with a shotgun! MWHAHAHA

Oooooooooo FYL.. atleast they appologized? lol __________________________

teach09 0 all depends on where ya live..haha. It seems as though something like this happens all throughout the month of October in a lot of places....darn kids...haha kidding!

haha. like an apology will pay for all the damage and headaches you had to go through. I hate when those little ***** do those things, just stick to the old fashined pranks

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And now the police have handwriting, fingerprints and DNA evidence to work with. I hope you handed that note in.

the cops don't care. my car was stolen and when i got it back it was covered in fingerprinting dust but they never found out who did it.