Crime scene

By xTRYSOFTx - 07/03/2020 03:00 - United States

Today, I called the police because I thought a burglar had broken into our house. I found out the strange noise was just my dog fucking about, so I smashed a small window and kicked down a door so I wouldn't be embarrassed. FML
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Honestly. What the hell?

WistayShlaio82 13

I hope your insurance doesn’t read this


WistayShlaio82 13

I hope your insurance doesn’t read this

Insurance!? How about the police... What you just did is a felony now.

I'm hoping the opposite he would totally deserve it

Itsheragain 9


Honestly. What the hell?

You know, instead of counting your blessings for being lucky, you go and do this shit. The police would have understood if you were upfront with them.

Wadlaen 23

Fully understandable! A lot of us would have done the same!

ViviMage 38

911 responders would rather you are safe and it's just the cat or dog making noises but confirmed the house is ok! You won't get in trouble for calling in good faith you were scared with strange noises! Well good luck on your 7 years bad luck!

good job at commiting to avoid looking silly

Filing a false police report. Stay classy.

grayy 2

filing a false police report wow, next you will blame someone innocent is that it?!