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Today, my roommate played a "prank" on me. He taped a length of clear cellophane at ankle-height just outside my bedroom door, causing me to trip and faceplant the floor, and busting out a tooth. I now look like a hick, and my roommate is refusing to cover my dental bills. FML
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This is one of the cases I think suing is warranted. Creating a tripping hazard is not a prank. He's lucky it wasn't more serious.

Lebeaugars95 20

A tooth for a tooth, prank her back OP


This is one of the cases I think suing is warranted. Creating a tripping hazard is not a prank. He's lucky it wasn't more serious.

I bet the prankster cant afford a lawyer. Poor OP.

Yeah, I'm generally not one for jumping to litigation, but if the prankster is unwilling to pay for this really stupidly planned prank, OP should speak to a lawyer. Roommate took reckless action and it resulted in injury and financial loss (fixing said teeth). Good luck, OP.

Lebeaugars95 20

A tooth for a tooth, prank her back OP

37 is referring to OP's roommate. The FML said "he", which is a masculine pronoun, so it's a pretty safe assumption the prankster is a he. 37 was just correcting the usage of "her" by #2.

exactly! It says an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! In this case for the pain and suffering of first such a juvenile stunt second the ignorance of a so-called friend not willing to pay for that ignorance..... you need to make sure your friend loses at least 3. people shouldn't do unto others what they don't want done to themselves, remind him of that as he's picking his teeth, plural remember, teeth off the floor lol

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An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind #56. While the prank was unwarranted, getting revenge is not the way to go about things. Judging by the FML, this would cause a prank war. One which I think would hurt OP in the long run.

I agree with #56, give him a timeframe to pay for the dental bill. If he refuses, I can see a accidental baseball bat impacting his teeth.

@47. read the first sentence. it says HE taped not she.

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If it's eye for eye, Someone will be left with 1 eye.... and someone (or multiple someones) will be stumbling around blind.

It's like this OP, your roommate made a stupid decision to prank you that had unforseen consequences. Now you can make a big stink over it and sue them which will cost you thousands in legal bills and probably never get the money. Does your roommate deserve to pay for your dental bills? Yes. Will they? Likely not. At least not all at once. Instead of wasting time agonizing over the money and dragging it into court, try a payment plan where your roommate can slowly pay for your care.

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small claims court doesn't have to cost thousands in legal bills.

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But Op said the roommate refuses to pay the bill so sounds like he/she still won't pay it even thru payments plans.

If the court serves him he will be forced to.

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He can only pay it if he has the money... Most cases like this rule in favor of the plaintiff but the defendant usually can not pay

If he is taken to small claims court and has a judgment rendered against him, they can garnish his wages until the judgment is repaid.

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It very clearly says he not she. So i would say douche not bitch.

I don't know about you, but plenty of guys that I know can definitely be described as bitches.

Payback should be used !!!And record it for youtube get money from advertising buy dental bills and everyone is happy

Mostly everyone, because I highly doubt OP's roommate would be happy...

Never know might be grateful he/she does not have topay the bill

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How exactly do you 'buy' dental bills?

I do believe you are smart enough to know what i meant.Maybe im wrong i dont know you ?

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Then there's only proof she did something to the roommate and SHE will have to pay dumbass.

Kick him in the nuts and tell him it was "a prank".

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Whoa whoa... that's a little extreme, kick him in the shin or something, but you can do some serious damage to the groin. You can always get a fake tooth, but try replacing something down stairs...

You can't replace a tooth if you don't have the money.

Kicked nuts, lost tooth..., I'd say it's a fair trade.

She can still sue him, if she wins which in all probability she will. The judgment is good for up to five years depending on which state she is in. Again depending on what state, it may give her the ability to garnish his wages, and force him to sell personal property. He would be so much better off to admit he ****** up and pay the bill, garnishment can show up on your credit report and follow you for years.

Wow, it's a wonder you weren't hurt even more seriously than you were. I'd get a new roommate if I were you.

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This is assault, joke or not. Tell him he will either pay your dental bills or you will press charges and the court will take it from his paychecks as restitution.

This is not at all CLOSE to assault. Assault is a criminal charge. This is a civil matter. Best course of action is to sue for restitution.

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The charge is called Negligent Assault, and he certainly can be criminally charged for causing the OPs injuries, as I insinuated. If you are in law school, I suggest studying a bit harder.

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I would suggest u study harder. He would've had to threaten her first for assault

78, what the hell are you talking about? A verbal threat isn't necessary for something to be called assault. The fact that you think so is somewhat alarming.

I believe this actually falls under a booby trapping statute... I bet its a felony without me actually looking it up...

Brody_Generico 7
Brody_Generico 7

I believe the felony u are looking for is battery not assault

I think because this is a civil case it's not worth your time at all. It would take probably 3 years to even come to a solution.

File the paperwork, then apply on Judge Judy, Peoples Court, and the rest of the judge shows. See who picks it up first and get a free all expenses trip to NY or LA.

Dental work, vacation, and payback all (relatively) free.

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It's all fun and games until someone looses a tooth sorry OP

do you even lift?? go eat something god damnn