By Anonymous - 26/06/2015 16:29 - United States - Woodland

Today, my house was robbed while I was at work. The robber left a note telling me my stuff was crappy and that they found my safe under the bed. FML
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Keep that my note and show it to the police, their handwriting can be helpful in capturing them.

Hopefully, the robber's stealth was crappy and the cops will be able to find some clues to find him.


iTzSelverZz 14

Be positive, they might have taken the money that was in the safe so they could buy nice stuff for you.

Robbers are so picky about what they steal now a days

krazayman 18

you are being waaaayyy to positive

On the bright side, you didn't lose anything "nice"

Keep that my note and show it to the police, their handwriting can be helpful in capturing them.

zyperman43 19

Your note? I think the cops will have no trouble on this one.

Man, if my handwriting could catch criminals, then my teachers wouldn't bitch me out for chicken scratch.

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#4 you and everyone who thumbed you up are deluded as hell. I had some break into my apartment (which was behind a Walmart) using a screwdriver to pop the sliding glass door lock. He left the receipt for the screwdriver he had just purchased from said Walmart on my kitchen counter. I went to Walmart and had them print out a full color photo (time and date stamped matching the receipt) of the man leaving the store and gave it to the police within hours of the robbery. Several thousand dollars in cash was stolen (had my rent/bill money ready to deposit the next morning) electronics, and even my friends wallets/purses that were staying with me. Nothing was ever done even though I had myself and 5 people with me to confirm the story/timeframe and a high quality photo of the perp...and you think they're going to catch someone off their handwriting alone? This site really is full of children that don't live in the real world.

It's not gonna happen. That simple. The police can, but won't. They're normal people and don't want to chase criminals, just do their job the bare minimum and get paid. Like everyone else.

#44 if that's ur work ethic it's a sad, sad, sad one... Believe it or not there are people out there who go to work with a mindset of doing a good job!

Do you have any idea just how much work it'll take to find someone, via their handwriting? Just imagine it out. This isn't csi where you find his handwriting, trace chemicals, zoom in x50,000 with a 200k resolution to find the slight discoloration that tells you the genetic code of the person. This is real life, where it leads to nothing. If they find the guy, they can pin it to him. They can do that via so many other ways too.

Hopefully, the robber's stealth was crappy and the cops will be able to find some clues to find him.

noonenoeone 22

If the police cared enough, perhaps. The sheer volume of home invasions in the US alone would astound you. The cops will not lift a finger to help you, you could have the video footage of him in your apartment and it would do you absolutely no good unless you knew who he was. They aren't going to put his picture on the news, they aren't going to fingerprint anything, they don't have biometric facial recognition software like the media leads you to believe (most casinos/banks/etc don't have that contrary to popular belief), they won't even really assign a detective to your case they'll just file the report and that's the end of it. This is the real world apparently everyone here watches way too many crime shows or are just plain ignorant.

You do know that "under the bed" is one of the first places a robber will look. Well, I guess you do now.

Who hides stuff under their bed or in the closet. All the people robbing check those places first

now that you say this the place isn't so save anymore. #10

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Cause banks never steal from people? Don't buy a cheap safe that can be opened with a crowbar/sedaline torch/other portable brute force methods and securely bolt it to the floor/foundation.

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Permanently fix a note to your safe saying 'This was easy but the real stuff isn't here'... You shall feel less of a loser in case of future robberies

Or they'll pillage OP's shit in able to find the 'real stuff'.

Sadly, the police probably won't do anything :/ sorry mate.

noonenoeone 22

No 17, they don't. Provide me sources of the police spending ANY money/man power on home invasions and prove me wrong. If you happen to find a few instances somewhere on the internet those are most definitely the exception and far from the norm. You could get robbed at gun point and the police won't do anything more than file a report, it would cost them money to assign a detective to follow up and that's not profitable. Everyone in this thread is completely delusional...the cops are a for profit business that just happens to have a few rules that require them to respond to emergencies...they don't actually have to do anything to help you. Like I said, prove me wrong with factual information.

Then you live in a ****** up town #42. In my city, they always do something about it. I had someone steal my car a few weeks ago. I found it abandoned on a street a few miles from my house. Guess what! The police did something about it and actually ARRESTED the guy. The cops in my city go out of their way to capture the robber(s) when something worth $1,000+ is stolen.