By MID12 - 23/03/2009 17:22 - United States

Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend of nine months when she gets a phone call and decides to answer it. It was her fiancé that I knew nothing about. She told me she was engaged while I was still inside of her. FML
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Tell her fiance.

u should have shouted "HONEY I'M HOME!"


how did you get inside her? you would have to be really, really, really, really small to do that. They did that on Spongebob and Sandy had to shrink Spongebob and Patrick down to microscopic size so they could go inside Squidward.

Got some bad news for ya...

u should have shouted "HONEY I'M HOME!"

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WIN. gre afp

I would hav yelled it

LMAO That is freaking epic! Hahaha, definitely the beat option.

hahah #2. but dude, that sucks..

should have given her a facial

I accidentally thumbed you down... I meant up!

2- never try to be funny

What a whore lol sorry dude that sucks I agree with #1, he needs to know

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haha, i agree with number 4. but op, that suckkkkkssss.

i would have taken the phone and started talking to him. but thats just me. i don't think she should be getting married to anyone