By Icy - 01/10/2009 06:59 - United States

Today, my crush was talking to me on Facebook. He said, "Did you know that 99% of the time a guy is talking to a girl it's because he wants to go out with her? Yeah, well, this is that 1%." FML
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Should have been like 'Well 99% of the time when a girl is talking to a guy on FB it's because she feels sorry for him. This is part of that 99%'


I kno right? :) Hope it works for guys also :DD

lmaooo what a line I might try it.

I am so gonna try that line to this chick who keeps trying to talk to me!

At least you know he's a jerk only on... He's not worth your time anymore.

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And 100% of the guys tries to have sex.

We don't count eunuchs of course, since they aren't really guys. Does that clear up how its 100%?

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nope. still not 100%. think about gays, hopeless romantics, and guys who have ED... ... so that would put it about 80%-90% :P jk... it's prolly lower.

xenomorph 0

100%? I know for a fact that it's down to 99.99999996%, because I generally do not. And I am sure that the proportion is even lower.

wazdog 4

The guy did a good thing by being straightforward. The woman can move on now.

hahah but his facts weren't legit.. 99% of the time a guy is talking to a girl he just wants to get some

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He is Win. and agree i with 9 dis-

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Why are u dirty blooding over nothing, maybe the guy was trying to tell her that he wants to genuinely be her friend, no motives

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bet this is a case of an ugly OP having a crush on someone way out of her league. Know your role, the fat or ugly one at the club guys will only hook up with if they're really drunk or desperate... or fat and ugly themselves.