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Today, I left a note on the kitchen table saying to leave the door unlocked because I lost my key. I come home to find our house ransacked and robbed. Minutes later, I found my key. In my pocket. FML
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Classic Happens to me 5 times a day. It's just a YDI, because you should always look in your pockets =p.


Classic Happens to me 5 times a day. It's just a YDI, because you should always look in your pockets =p.

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I've lost keys and small lighters in my pocket before, because there's always that little corner you thought you checked. I dunno. Some pants just have weird pockets

@ #1 - U mean ur house gets ransacked and robbed 5 times a day?? so that means u come and go out of ur house at least 5 times a day!

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is ydi bcuz u r dum az. leev unlok dor cuz u kant fin key? dont go outside den. idiot.

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y wud u do dat? dun go 2 outside if no key. simple. ydi 4 b in dum az.

I'm sorry, but i had to comment on this post. The translation for your God-awful post was: "This is YDI because you are a dumbass. you leave your door unlocked because you can't find a key? don't go outside them. idiot." second post: "why would you do that? don't go outside if you have no key. simple. YDI for being a dumbass." I know this is the internet and everything, but seriously? Come on now... You are the last person who should call someone an idiot and dumbass.

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Try speaking English before calling someone a "dum az"

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mmmm...that's a tough one to talk your way out of..

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chuck that key out, break it, make it vanish!!!!

Why the hell would he leave a note saying to leave the door unlocked because even if your family did come home it would be likely they are there so you can just ring the dam door bell

Who said they'd be there when OP returned? Maybe OP was expecting them to return momentarily and then leave again. Or that he was leaving before they woke up and knew they'd be gone when he returned.

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He left it on the freakin kitchen table. The only way a robber could have seen it, is if he were /already/ inside the house!

The commenter wasn't worried about someone seeing the note. Instead, he was just confused because he couldn't figure out how someone in the family would see the note but not be home at the same time as the OP. Which is a different kind of silly....

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YDI because you should use a window

I leave my door unlocked if I can't find my keys too, which isn't that often, figuring anyone bothering to check if my door is locked or not is just going to break in anyway, which is probably true enough, but now whoever you live with is going to see it as being your fault. >.< That sucks.

Actually, it's not difficult to get through most locks. We don't use locks to stop people from entering. Instead, we use them to increase the barrier enough that a neighbour looks like a more worthwhile target. Given that, a lock probably would have helped.

Most people lock their doors. I don't think someone who has walked up to your door to see if it's locked in order to rob it is just going to assume that a neighbour will have left theirs unlocked just because yours is locked.

Given that, why lock your door at all? Home security is all about making your house the more annoying to break into than your neighbour, not about making your house impenetrable . Sure, a locked door might not deter a thief, but it might just be the push that makes your neighbour's house more attractive. Since we don't know the security on this house, nor on the rest of the neighbourhood, we can't really say one way or another whether locking the door would have helped at all, but my money is on "it would have helped".

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What the *hell* are you talking about? Why would you just want your neighbor's house to get robbed instead? That's just stupid.

I'm talking about the principles of home security, what are you talking about? Or do you really think that if every house on the block is locked a thief is going to just go home, tail between his legs? No, if he's willing to do the job, he's going to hit the place that has the highest potential reward for the lowest effort and risk. You can't make your house impenetrable, so the best you can do is reduce the payoff relative to the effort and risk and just hope he hits your neighbour instead. If your entire neighbourhood does this effectively enough, the thieves will avoid it and find another, easier neighbourhood. I don't care if you like it, but that's the truth of the matter.

I'm not saying there's in point in locking your door ever. This was a one off. I'm saying if someone has walked all the way up to your front door with the intention of robbing it, found no one is home, it's probably not going to make any difference if it's locked or not. They're not going to wander around the neighbourhood looking for the house with the weakest "barrier".

He deserved it you dont leave a note saying all the doors are unlocked on the front door because anyone would be able to see it Besides if the family did come home all he would have to do it ring the door bell or something

He left the note on the kitchen table, not on the door outside.

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it's both. YDI because you should have checked pockets and stuff. but FYL. oh and the note was in the kitchen not on the door which means someone just tried to get in anyways, so it could have happened even if it was locked.