By Anonymous - 03/07/2014 16:42 - France - Beausoleil

Today, I came home from vacation, only to find my neighbours relaxing on my patio, and their kids swimming in my pool. FML
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CallMeWindSock 24

Mi casa es su casa?

Time to call the police, OP .


CallMeWindSock 24

Mi casa es su casa?

How do you say that in French, though?

CallMeWindSock 24

Sadly, I never had French in school. Us Germans don't like the French, you see.

Wizardo 33

Je maison et tu maison? I don't know its been years since I've done French.

Ma maison est ta maison. But they probably just say it in spanish anyway, cos it sounds cooler.

Ma maison est ta maison. Deutschen gegen Franzosen... ja klar ! So cliché ^^

CallMeWindSock 24

Hahah fang mal bitte nicht erst damit an! Wir gewinnen eh ;) aber morgen wird's ja ganz lustig beim Fußball, wenn du schaust

Wizardo 33

#19, yh way more smoother in Spanish anyway. But what about Italian though?

OMG, stop speaking in code, gaiz.

Frankreich kann gar nicht gegen Deutschland gewinnen. Das ist mir klar ! Die andere Franzosen sind nur dumm. ^^ #35 Sorry FML's staff. It proves one thing : that website is trully international ! :P

Мой дом это ваш дом - Russian (Moee dome eto vash dome)

RedPillSucks 31

My house is your trespass? Hello, 911?

#33 Italian: La mia casa è la tua casa.

Agax 12


Why am I the only person who doesn't speak other languages?

Komm wir schaffen das! Wooo Germany

Not the only one 74, this is beyond cryptic to me haha.

UrOrangeChicken 11


This whole thread has become people communicating in foreign languages to other people in other foreign languages. Please. Speak. English.

Я очен хорошо пани маю тиья

English: My house is your house

mano namai yra tavo namai.

Estos comentarios son molestos.

我的家是你的家。 (Wo de jia shi ni de jia)

Is é mo theach do theach

atrandom 11

You are not. I am also at a loss

Mój dom jest twoim domem

ما هذا الغوط؟

Mijn huis is jouw huis

Ching Chong wing wong

orsombre_fml 11

We don't ;-)

114 says "These comments are annoying" in spanish haha

106, it's meant to be 'Я очень хорошо понимаю тебя'

البيت بيتك/ بيتي بيتك

הבית שלי גם הבית שלך. Everyone was doing it peer pressure got me

Your picture is creepy . Sorry :/

"Fais comme chez toi" or "ma maison et la tienne" :) de nada

Google translate

Or you could take 2 seconds to type in google translate. Despite popular belief, the world does not revolve around English

Guess it doesn't work to do this in ASL...

Gave up trying to read these after the first 100.

Because you're an idiot

Damn..I only know how to speak other languages. Not read and write them. Wait...I can read Deutsch. Yay! Meine haus, nicht dein haus.

106 *Я очень хорошо понимаю тебя

Time to call the police, OP .

No , send them a bill for their stay

I don't know... I mean it's really weird to have neighbors swimming in your pool but maybe they like know each other? I think it's a bit much to call the cops. A simple conversation about boundaries should suffice.

badluckalex 23

I want to know why op leaves the house unlocked when they go on vacation....

No one said they went through the house... could have jumped the fence or used the gate?

In my mind, it is a serious liability issue. If any of them were injured (or Heaven forbid, drown), they could easily sue Op.

44, I doubt the patio and pool are inside the house.

44, sometimes neighbors swap keys so they can look after the house when one is gone.

#29 I'm sure if they knew, knew each other OP wouldn't have posted this as a FML .

@54 how would it be OPs fault? they were trespassing while op was on vacation and op never gave them permission to swim. Plus I don't think France sues people to the extent America does

#86 Yeah, we're not sue-happy people here. I think the police would laugh at the neighbor's face if he sued after trespassing and getting injured.

I would call the cops. That's not right. They should know that there is a boundary and you definitely don't hop to your neighbors house and use their pool and backyard without their permission. That's ignorant, stupid, and a bit creepy.

JokersHQ 21

It may not have been left open. The patio and pool are more than likely outside. So they were just on their property and using their stuff while the person was awa

ThomasBombadil 31

This pool is too big, this pool is too small and this pool is just right.

What did you do?!

I'd tell them to get the **** out before the cops came.

Yeah I think this FML deserves a follow-up...

follow up needed!

at least they weren't inside your house? sounds like op has a nice place :)

christge1beast 17

We don't know that. They may have

btrag97 13

That's a little weird.

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Well, I told you I would keep an eye on the place...

Maybe they are just checking up on your house, making sure it's not being robbed ;)

By their children in a pool and them chilling on a patio? I don't think so.

Brooke5702 13

Their children were checking the pool for robbers, obviously.

You should have been like "oh now that your here, why dont you make all of yourselves comfortable in my rooms too?" Perhaps it might have made them feel a little.