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Today, my fiancé broke off our engagement after he saw one of my baby pictures. He said our future kids just wouldn't look right. FML
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An attempt at trolling? If it wasn't, you suck at life. If it was, you suck at trolling.

JacksonCampbell 9

the* - Well, this is awkward.


yougotapes 7

geez I hope he didn't mean it... if he did what an ass... not needed

That's good for you OP. Do really want to marry that dumbass?

Idonebeenhad 17

You got engaged to this asshole?

KingGeorgeGal 12

I believe he secretly broke off your engagement because the day before he looked at a picture of himself and could not bare to put such an ugly human beeing in the world .. But seriously, your fiancé is a jerk, if all he cares about is your baby's appearance than you deserve better.

what I dont get is why he doesnt realize she grew up to be pretty (I'm guessing because he is with her) and their kids could grow up to be good looking also

Gross2332 0

OP he just backed down because he was just jealous of your baby pics!!!!

I see you post everywhere. you're incredibly annoying, and your picture is even more so.

39, maybe she's talking about me . . . She seems like someone who hates frogs . . .

s40love 0

I was thinking the same exact thing...

KingGeorgeGal 12

39 , My guess is 1 since she was responding to his:her comment.

It's not 1 because they dont have a display picture

NoodleBurger - I have a great idea for you. Why don't you post something hateful to a 14 year old girl! Doesn't that sound like a wonderful idea? Wait, what do you mean you already did it?

noodleburger, ur name is extremely more annoying

It's a hybrid of noodles and burgers . . . I'm confused . . . is it noodles with burgers in them or a burger with noodles in them . . . ?

Don't worry OP he was just looking at pictures of baby chimps. So, it's probably a good thing he left you since he is that thick.

this has nothing to do with the FML issue i just want to say... that picture you have as profile picture well i have to say you are beautiful

See, it's FML's like this that I don't believe. /: You call off your engagement because your fiancé's baby picture? Asdfghjkl that's retarded.

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most fml posts are fake.. they're just for the laughs. but this one I believe, men are heartless.

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An attempt at trolling? If it wasn't, you suck at life. If it was, you suck at trolling.

So I guess no one is really beautiful huh? Shit... now I have no hope :(

Either way this guy just made a fool of himself.

KingGeorgeGal 12

Yesh because that is just every mom's dream having their unborn daughter/son be born as a teenager.

singyourlifemoz 0

Seriously. That makes no sense.

FiestaInMyPants 8

"All babies want to get borned!"

larry12693 1

if he was trying pretty people are only born to young teenage parents (what I understood), he's obviously never heard of the risks that come with early teenage pregnancy such as low birth weight, physical defects, and mental retardation...

bigmanj28 0

Real people get BORN into infantry

43- that's exactly what I thought when I read this.

**** that shit, I came out the womb with a drivers license, and facial hair. Boo yah.

melibear89 7

A) you make no sense. B) learn to write the right way. C) you don't make sense what so ever. either you need to go take a course on what a baby is or your and idiot. oh and if only beautiful people then why were you born?

JacksonCampbell 9

56 - If you're going to call someone an idiot, make sure you have used to correct you're/your.

JacksonCampbell 9

the* - Well, this is awkward.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Why would you repeat yourself 56?

It's okay 18, I think everybody is beautiful! So thus, this shitbrained troll has failed.

99 - But the troll is still beautiful. :) Well when I came out of the womb I had the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and I died. However, after the doctors gave up my father yelled "come on baby!" and I came back to life. True story. 54 - I recall seeing a baby with facial hair driving 20 years ago, so I know you're telling the truth.

I wasn't lying... That actually happened. I suppose people wish I would have stayed dead. ?

56, Should I point out the irony in your comment or just leave you face palming in shame?

you need to learn proper grammer. i think i just had an anuerism out of sheer stupidity.

R u that stupid? Or was it a joke i just didn't get? I sincerely hope it's the latter.

technically it wouldnt be a baby if it was a teenager.....

i think he ment that all babys are ugly and people get prettier in the teenage years

gangssaboo 0

56- A) you repeated "you don't make sense" B) they never said only beautiful people are born...therefore your C is invalid C) you repeated "you don't make sense" just switched up the words :)

wow that's really makes no sence at all what do ever

gangssaboo 0
lakaiskate 12

I bet you were an adorable baby

I don't think so, otherwise he wouldn't of reacted that way

I bet the doctor slapped you on the face thinking it was your butt when you were born.

Hmmm... trying to turn a joke that people use to crack on each other to an actual comment. Classic.

perhaps his reasons were a bit more...sublime. that is, he's not telling you everything. |the kid|

Haven't seen you round in a bit, and you always have sound advice. Good to see you back.

heh, i'm flattered. i'm smiling (in real life). it's good to be on here again. i just have a lot to work on these days, ya know? |the kid|

I feel ya. When I deploy, no more FML for a good long while :/

eh, yeah, deployments can be rough. are you currently in the navy? |the kid|

Yes sir. Nuclear Propulsion Engineer.

that's pretty badass. my military days are over. i was in intel. but yeah, pm me so we don't look like supreme douchemasters. |the kid|

guckylynn 19

You mean subliminal? Because sublime is a common term from the British Romantic Era. It means outstanding, supreme, or inspiring awe.

Sublime refers to a person's behavior, in certain circumstances. But more importantly, which one is you in the picture....

I was navy too. Did 6 years. Go Navy! I laughed at the photo comment.

Thank you for your service! We are blessed in this nation with folks like you.

KingGeorgeGal 12

104: I laughed at the photo comment to when I saw her picture,lls(:

guckylynn 19

Oh yeah you're hilarious... Let's hide behind the Internet and make fun of someone we don't even know! Try getting a life.

I'm not hiding... that picture is of me and I'd happily give you my real name if you asked. All my information on my bio is true, minus my age which I can't seem to change.

Well, as difficult as it is right now, it sounds like you are better off without him. He is either extremely superficial or a complete idiot.

miniluda12 12

he could be both superficial and a complete idiot, you never know.

You know something is not right when your baby pictures look like something out of E.T

bigmanj28 0

You're just that beautiful and he doesn't want to mess up your next baby

well, babies with 3 eyes and a club foot are funny lookin.