By Pool-less - 04/09/2011 06:09 - United States

Today, I found out that my neighbors took it upon themselves to knock down the fence we shared, and putting up a new one. Thus fencing my pool into their yard. When I asked them why, he replied, "We thought you weren't coming back." I was gone for 4 months tending to my sister with breast cancer. FML
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Quest_ 13

They... essentially stole your pool...? This is just bizarre. In what universe would anyone, from any walk of life, think this is okay?


plantfood 4

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Ferretface 13

No, its not.

bballsoccerrocks 7

So you sue

bballsoccerrocks 7

So you sue

Psh what are you talking about? That's our pool and has always been our pool... You are going to sue? Psh what fence oh that was an accident.

LiveLaughFML 10

wow! did anyone else wonder how far they moved that fence? :O

Get your shit together woman.

krazy_glu3 0

OP, you need to borrow my hammer? Start swinging and tearing it down. Since they fenced in your pool, I'm assuming it's on YOUR property. Therefore they can't get pissy.

newjerseyguy 0

Actually that is a lawsuit because they don't own that property

Denikk 0

If you're a woman, find a fat, greasy man and let him swim naked in the pool... every day... It's your property, you're allowed to do it, or let him do it... They'll give up sooner than you think...

For some reason, this FML really pisses me off, that someone would take advantage of OP's situation. I would love to beat up your neighbors.

101 I feel the same way some people make me sick and to 1 nothing is smart if you're breaking the law

monkeys1315 0

Knock the fence down, problem solved. If they argue then call the cops

1- I bet you're hella smart too...

Georgieeporgiee 9

Dude sorry to sound like a stalker but I totally agree with the model thing!

Damn somewhere in there I think that's an illegal acquisition of property haha. Now they have to spend more money tearing it down and making a new fence plus the monetary gain you get op for greivances. =) Sounds like a job for Judge Judy in small claims court.

Georgieeporgiee 9

To 101 btw...

For some reason, I don't think OP shared the fact that her sister has cancer with these neighbors... So they really didn't take advantage of that particular situation. They're just idiots.

ukrage 1

Not exactly smart but still funny as hell

X_Codes 11

No, don't knock it down yourself, make them do it. Make them pay for a new one, too. Also make sure they pay you for using your property for the time that they've had the new fence up.

Ur so retarded

newjerseyguy 0

#156 that still doesn't change the fact that the neighbor doesn't own that property. Do you make sure your neighbors know your every move so that they don't use your property or house?

#170, 156 isn't saying that the neighbors not knowing makes it ok. 156 was saying that they weren't taking advantage of the breast cancer situation, they just thought OP had left. Which is still unacceptable.

Actually if the op didn't come back for a while there's a law that allows that property to actually belong to the neighbors if it was fenced off for a certain time. Don't remember what the law was called exactly but it exist.

Ummm no you are wrong there.... There is a 2% chance of that law existing if the property is NOT owned by them they can't randomally take some of the land in this case a pool..... I think a law suit is in order here... Don't warn them just do it

Are you kidding?? That's ignorant, rude, and probably one of the most idiotic things I've heard in a while!

No it isn't it is illegal

What has become of this world?

Make them take it down and let them pay for it instead. If they say no just call the cops on them.

Yeah, that would the OP should do right away!

chickenwalrus 14

I say climb the fence and swim in the pool until you legally get the fence down and/or get money from this cause it's not like they can call the cops on you for swimming on YOUR property haha.

MizzErikaHart 8

Reminds me of when I went on vacation for a week and someone was in my assigned parking spot at my condo(my car was at the airport). I left a note on the guys car and the guy later said security said I moved out and to park there.

Not the same. At all. If he put his name on your parking spot, then it would be similar

je_suis_fml 11

59- cool story, bro...

Eldiablotravis 4

59- This is such a stupid story that is not even relevant to the FML....

that veyron bugatti is a nice car

Hey how much u selling it for

marpay 11

They need to have the neighbors pay to have it properly removed (so her land isn't damaged further) and a new one put up. Then she should charge them rent for the time that they used it.

Hit them in the face then call the cops

MichellinMan 20

OP, your neighbor is ******* retarded.

Lol btw nice pic

And call a land surveyor!

Tell them you're taking down the fence, leaving a good bit of their property to you so you won't sue. Also promptly tell them to shove it.

BehindU 5

OP has perfect name for ths FML.

BehindU 5


Or, you know, burn the fence with FIRE

46... You can pick your own name when writing an fml... *sigh* You must be new here.

Quest_ 13

They... essentially stole your pool...? This is just bizarre. In what universe would anyone, from any walk of life, think this is okay?

Apparently in their universe!

raiganator 10

Maybe they were jealous 'cause they couldn't afford their own pool. But instead of 'stealing it' they could have just asked OP if they could use it.

sematariux 7

It's the PERFECT plan! (pinky to mouth)

schaflava 0

This just became more significant than the Berlin wall.

JPLovesAnimals 4

I love how they think the fence declares their property. Sue them then tear it down and throw it all in their yard.

maybe they thought he wouldn't notice haha

It sounds like something my neighbours would do...

boxfervor 0

Communists or native Americans

4- You should smile for your picture, ^_^

Somebody who has watched too much Family Guy.

trishmg12 4

there some good neighbors.

yup, the best. wish I had neighbors like that.

Remove it and pay to get a new one up, if they try to stop you get police and a court involved. They want a pool they can for out the 15 grand themselves xP

I believe you meant 'fork out', but anyway, your right, except the neighbors should be paying for the new fence.

Cause all of the comments before you didn't just say that right?

salvorican 24

Your neighbors are idiots. It's your pool and they had no right of doing that even if you weren't coming back

crazyrunnergirl 7

Can't you sue for that?

Yup, they built something on someone elses property. I'm not sure if it's actually a sue, but there is some legal something-or-other u can use tht would get them in trouble

You sure can. It is stealing therefore they will get in shit

Oh, you can most definitely sue for that. While I'm not intimately familiar with MO state laws, I'm sure OP can sue for trespass, damage to his/her property, not to mention there could very well be some punitives in a suit like this one. OP should very seriously consider speaking with an attorney for this; I somehow doubt those jerks next door will do anything without the judicial system breathing down their necks.

They are attempting to steal your pool from you. People are dumb sometimes. They should be the ones that have to pay to have it taken down since it would be intruding on your property.

marpay 11


They must have moved that fence pretty damn far.