By anonymous - 14/01/2012 11:42 - Australia

Today, I came home to my fiancé and his mates playing Monopoly naked in our backyard. FML
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I would take off all my clothes too if I got that But then again I'm always naked...

If I was a naked dude surrounded by other naked dudes, that'd be the card I'd want.

Strip monopoly anyone? it's a real game OP, ask him if he wants to play just you two. :)

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That's not normal?....Oh....*slowly puts shirt back on*

Hey, it's better than them playing Twister.

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Strip monopoly anyone ;)...... It's gonna be kinky

What better way to spend quailty time with the bros than to be naked in the comfort of your back yard, rolling dice and avoiding jail. I see no reason for a FML.

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I knew someone would mention Strip Monopoly.

It's training for the real world. How else are you going to pay the rent without nudity and sexual favors?

Ohhh yeah, let me get Pennsylvania Ave... And your pants ;D

strip monopoly....possibly. i guess i just feel like copious amounts of alcohol were involved

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Well she should join in..makes it slightly less gay.

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Coming from the rainbow child... And people can be gay if they want

Michael_92 20

Never said they couldnt be gay now did I? I know a few people that are, their choice not mine. I am saying though that the OP is playing monopoly naked with other men 1 that is kinda gay and 2 that's as bad as him being naked with a bunch of girls or the gf being naked playing games with guys. See to me its wrong and idc if he was with guys or girls.

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Whoa buddy that wasn't for you I should of marke who the comment was at my bad

My monopoly game brings all the boys to the yard and they're like I'll buy Boardwalk

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I'm guessing your from Australia..

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Well considering it says New South Wales Australia, I'd think so too. Stop being stereotypical it' makes you look like a fool.

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And you made a dumb comment... So are you from America?

@13 Lol self ownage? Because you're an american yourself.....

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Hey tompullinger. Ever been to the states??

I'm guessing you were never taught the difference between your and you're?

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Im sure OP found that very comfortable to...

Ahh...strip Monopoly. The same old blood rush with a new touch. You should've joined in on the action and made it a weekly thing.

Well really, there's no better way to play.

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Better than finding them playing naked Twister

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What are you talking about 15, that was pretty funny!

I think he implied she was shrugging in the picture, I assume he imagined her saying the comment whilst shrugging.. Am I right? No? Well okay.. *kanye shrug*.

You're preeeeetty *makes homer simpson gargling sounds*

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Coffee came out my nose when I read this. Well played my friend, well played.

If my girlfriend found me naked playing Twister with a bunch of naked guys, she'd pull up a chair and make popcorn. Real life slash fiction!

That comment made me imagine things I cannot unimagine...