By orcatheseapanda - 09/01/2016 05:14 - Thailand

Today, I was stretching on the balcony, when I heard my neighbor's daughter scream. She was playing in their kiddie pool and thought I was peeping on her. And now her parents think so too. FML
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Which muscle were you stretching?

You can't help it OP...some people in this world are born bitches.


You can't help it OP...some people in this world are born bitches.

Yea and when it comes to complaints like that. Makes me very cautious where I stand what I do. It takes on false claim to ruin your life.

Which muscle were you stretching?

Can't be the penis cause the penis has no muscles.

^ Speaking from experience are we?

@30 Drops mic as the theater lights up from that supa hot fire.

Sounds like overprotective parents. Sorry OP!

If you were naked, I could see a possibility. Assuming you were clothed, thats a fairly rash assumption, OP. Hope you clear it up!

sorry I thumbs down your comment stupid fingers :(

I'm sorry, I know that must suck but it's really funny..

theoldman 22

She wasn't bathing; she was just playing so why would it matter?

Because people look at children when they in bathing suits as well... So thats why the child and parents reacted that way

It's still unreasonable unless the guy was looking directly at her the whole fucking time.

19 people can look at children when they are clothed head to toe. It makes no difference.

You know it's a problem when their first instinct is to think that.

Can't do anything nowadays without people thinking everything is about them

You should go try to explain yourself..

How old is this girl that she understands peeping but plays in a kiddie pool?

leogachi 15

@11 My parents taught me that stuff when I was first able to form complete sentences.

glad I read your comment.I thought OP wrote peeing. that's what I get for reading when just waking up.

You're not alone, 31. I've been awake for hours and I read it as "peeing" the first few times.