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By Anonymous - 10/07/2011 19:21 - United States

Today, my mother-in-law announced that she's going to be moving into the apartment next to us. Oh joy. FML
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Lauren10102 3

Have unbelievably loud sex noises playing every night next to her wall.

Lauren10102 3

Have unbelievably loud sex noises playing every night next to her wall.

flockz 19

idk then she might get the same idea i would want no one to hear their inlaws doing the dirty. i dont wanna even imagine the zoo like noises i would hear.

I want to feel you to, gofuckadonkey and i enjoyed thumbing your post because it was sticking out at me lawl I shud stop acting gay :p

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Just because she's moving next to you doesn't mean you have acknowledge she's even there. Lol.

NeverShoutDana 13

God bless your soul for not having a nervous breakdown right then & there.

In-laws are just the worst sometimes. Ugh

You could always make a sitcom about this. It worked for Everybody Loves Raymond.

lol that's exactly what I was thinking about

set your apartment on fire and hers will burn too

nah... too much!.... just buy a granade or a small explosive and blow up the house beyond repair :)

A better one would be to move out before she moves in.

It'd be better to wait until she moves in and then move out the next day. make sure her lease/mortgage is signed ensuring she can't follow you and making a clear point that you don't wanna live near her. passive aggressiveness ftw :).

Don't use a grenade-- Bruno Mars will just catch it before singing a song about it.

Distract Bruno Mars by running at her with a knife, so he jumps in front of the blade. Then throw the ******* grenade and run your ass out of there.

tell her that you don't want her in your life and hopefully she will reply with a "oh thanks for telling the truth, now here's 12 grand for you spend on what ever you like darling" ......1% risk free?

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OP needs to buy her a dog and make sure it's hyper and loud. Wait 2-3 years and give her time to fall in love with it. Then complain to the landlord about the dig being too loud so she will have to move or get rid of it.

2 detailed descriptive comments about the fml! not like there is a button for that or anything...

yeah that'll definitely soften up the relationship between op and his/her mother in law. *sarcasm*

So what if his parents-in-law had very loud sex...? ._.

if op has loud sex then she would wanna join in on the action so I guess that's a bad idea!

sara8866 8

FYL she'll follow you everywhere you go!!!!

Maybe she'll cook you dinner and then have sex with you.

Bro. I would **** some of my ex girlfriends moms in a heartbeat. Get out more and you'll realize that the older they are the more they have to teach you.

Get some more sexual experience and then come back later.

Dude even if they have "experience" or things to "teach", who would wanna **** some old prehistoric hag? Hey, it could be your own opinion to chase older chicks but doesn't the fact 'Having sex with your mother in law' kinda gross you out?

Nah. It doesn't gross me out. It's just sex. Everyone needs some.

KiddNYC1O 20

Not saying it'll happen, but doesn't gross me out.

SteelCladAngel 0

some of the older women are also not as sexually adventurous.... I //know// there's stuff I'll do that gives my mom nightmares

Uhh ok? Then have fun with that idea Hun.

I'm with 11. I'd totallyy go for my (future) father-in-law if anything happened between my fiance & me..

Tha **** is 4chan? I'm sorry I only go on this mother ******. I've never heard of half the websites you guys talk about.

one big chain of incest and cougar catchers I see

Glitterhinoceros 14

Nobody wants to live in the Bermuda Triangle..

they have horrible breath. he needs to brush it's teeth everyday if he gets one