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  Roevera  |  14

Well, really, it depends on the situation.. How longs she wants to stay, why she wants to stay. If she's divorced or widowed and got evicted or something I'd hope you'd help her on her feet again. If she just wants to move in for shits and giggles, then screw that!

  pookberry  |  4

I'm pretty sure "if she isn't that bad of a mother in law" OP would not have even posted the FML... It's kind of common sense you silly goose :D

  chrispasta  |  3

I think I would put my foot down and give an ultimatum to my love, at the price of being a brat. Her or me. She would consume my life, and make it miserable. I'd have no choice

  KYLAisaBITCH  |  4

Mine suggested my husband rent a place for her and him to live together... We currently live on under $700 a month at my parents... While I'm pregnant trying to save the $700 a month... She lived with us 8 months and it's the reason we aren't on our own any longer... Just a few more months and I'll be able to buyy own place! Once I get a job after my son is here...

By  WCARlover  |  34

I can see the mother-in-law's FML now: "Today, I asked my seemingly wonderful and perfect daughter/son in law if I could move in with them and was rejected. FML."