All you need is hate

By Anonymous - 10/08/2013 21:30 - United Kingdom - Birmingham

Today, my mother-in-law yelled from across the house for me to come quickly. She sounded frantic, so I rushed and asked what was wrong. She said, "Nothing." and that she just wanted to remind me that she hates my guts. She'll be living here with me and my wife for the next two months. FML
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Apparently she's never heard of " The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

"I'll remember that when you have your inevitable heart attack."


Apparently she's never heard of " The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

Yeah, Op's going to let a wolf eat her.

Actually no, that's not what the story is really about. Have YOU ever read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf?"

She will learn it all the hard way

tjv3 10

Just tell her that your house is haunted and that strange accidents have happened there. Then tell her it would be just awful if she had one of those accidents

16 - He does, he was just trying to be funny. Obviously, he failed.

nurchok 15

16, I think 10 was speaking figuratively... But OP, you've got to earn your in-laws' love.

I don't think u can sometimes

Well at the end of the story *spoiler alert* he cried wolf and nobody comes. so he gets eaten by a wolf.

Holy_Schnikes 23

My Fiancé has learned you can't. We have been together 3 years and and they still hate him and say he will leave me every month. They laughed when I told them we were engaged and said he doesn't want to marry me. They make fun of him every time he does or says anything. A couple months ago my Grandma said she would basically disown me if I had a kid out of wedlock (even though my prostitute cousin just had one and she is excited) so I told her not to worry and that we are waiting until marriage......then she started laughing and asking if he had a penis at all and "What kind of nan would wait?" "He must have something wrong with him, he either doesn't have a penis or he needs a little blue pill if he can't perform" "I don't need to worry about you getting pregnant if he can't get it up." And he is as nice as can be to everyone. My friends love him and their kid loves him too. Sometimes in-laws are just assh*les.

105: wow, are you kidding me?! That's ******* ridiculous. Just reading that makes me want to slap your grandmother in the face, and I would never normally do that. That is awful, I'm so sorry you and your fiancé have to deal with that :(

nurchok 15

Well, that is very sad to hear, 105. Your grandma deserves to have your fiancee's dick rubbed in her forehead. I think if a girl is happily married, her side of the family should only be happy for her...

Holy_Schnikes 23

Like I always say I can write FML's all day long about my family. My Grandpa had sat down after a long day at work and she was telling him about it asking him "There has to be something wrong with him!?!?! Isn't there?! He doesn't want to have sex!" and my Grandpa just sighed and said " Leave it alone [Grandma's name] if they want to wait then let them. There isn't anything wrong with it. If there is something mentally or physically wrong with either of them then that is between the two of them." And she just kept going so I left. Sadly my Grandpa and I are the only sane ones in the family.

What a bitch hehehe xD

Make her leave if it is your house. Stand up to the bitch or she will make your life a living hell!

Or drop her toothbrush in the toilet..

Just adding on to...#45 Or take a shit on the toliet seat... And refuse it was you and maker her clean it up...just take a shit anywhere, on the carpet, in the shower, on her bed...

It's not her house.

Why are you obsessed with ******** on everything?

yeah and then will smell OP's house like shit. I like the idea with the toothbrush.

Personally I'd feed her nothing but dog treats for the two months. If anyone asks why just say that if she's gonna act like a bitch she might as well eat like one.

90- I'd say just clean the plunger with her toothbrush.

AppleJuiceBox 10

Tell her the feeling's mutual. I'm sure if you show that you don't care she'll stop.

See but that's a risky prospect to do that to an in-law. She could cause problems between OP and his wife. Best to just ignore her.

Damian95 16

We already know the stereotype on in-laws. Might as well play it safe.

Exactly. Why don't you just kick her ass out, OP?? It's your house too, and you don't have to put up with being treated that way. That's bullshit- if you're putting her up for two months, then she can cut that shit out.

she needs to respect they're relationship

"I'll remember that when you have your inevitable heart attack."

skittycat213 19

Also consider reminding her who's ******* her son

skittycat213 19


Dallasluver19 14

More like monster in law.

Momster in law? No? Ill just go back to my corner then....

Remember that mother-in-law rearranged is women hitler

LizetteBerenice 22

Monster in law

So close #6. So close

teemo !! omg . sorry idk why I got so excited upon seeing that but I had to comment . so unrelated but um yeah carry on ....

In all fairness, she did comment at the same time as the previous. So why is only 6's comment unoriginal??

Ins0mau 20

94 - To be fair. They're both unoriginal.

Douchecanoe detected.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Hey bro, you already used that one on the drivers test FML. It's okay, we already think you're cool and witty, no need to disguise the word as a comment.

I enjoy reading these random insult words as much as the next guy, but "douchecanoe" makes zero sense whatsoever.

TheDrifter 23

What gets douches and is vaguely shaped like a canoe? Use your imagination, we'll wait.

HA! You saw that too?!?!?

#12, it was actually another chick that originally used "douchecanoe" in the other FML. This guy here just decided to copy that word and use it here. A little too soon, I think.

that's exactly what happened!

Ah the monster-in-law. Maybe you should return the favor. You could try standing outside her room in the middle of the night and scream her name, then say you just wanted her to know the feeling is mutual.

All i can say is this is a definite FYL.

If only there were a button for that...

Yeah. That would be so nice. No more "wow that sucks" comments...

Sounds like my grandma. She even told my mom that she deserves to die and crap. You really should talk to your wife about this and confront her as a couple. That should stop her. If not, charge her rent per day she spends with y'all. That'll show her