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Today, I came home and saw my cat all snuggled up with another cat on the sofa. I thought it was the cutest thing ever, until I remembered that I only have one cat. FML
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Well, I guess you dont have one cat anymore.

markcallanan_ 20

That reminds me of the time a stray cat walked into my friends house and we gave him milk. He stayed there for 7 months. Haha.


Well, I guess you dont have one cat anymore.

iLike2Teabag 27

The first step to becoming a crazy cat lady.

I still think that sounds like the best thing since tummy rubs.

He got caught with his bitch sleepin over

Nope. She now has roughly 7 or 8 cats now xD

Uh oh. I hope its healthy. Maybe you can keep it?

Yeah but she should probably get it's health checked out at the vet first

markcallanan_ 20

That reminds me of the time a stray cat walked into my friends house and we gave him milk. He stayed there for 7 months. Haha.

91hayek 31

I once moved into a place and a black cat just came in through the patio and walked around like it owned the place. It never begged for food or affection it'd just come in, cross the living room and go sleep in the kitchen on the cold tiles. It never acknowledged me or any of my housemates. We later found out it was from two houses down that had a pair of toddlers that would play with it endlessly. I guess it just needed a break.

I could've sworn I've read this somewhere...

zebrainthenight 13

I think remember that story... Glad I'm not going crazy Once a cat walked in through our back door and followed us around the house so we fed it and it's been here since.

Looks to me like you're going to have a lot more on the way very soon.

equitationbound 22

#5- even if the two cats are of opposite sex, most people spay/neuter. Not all, but most. If the other cat is a stray, who knows if it's fixed, but OP's cat may be.

Maybe the OP can tell if the cat is already fixed by looking at the animals' ear. Some places, like the Humane Society, clip a huge chunk of the cat's left ear off when the females gets spayed. It's so that people can know by glance if that stray cat has already been fixed. I can somewhat understand why it's done but still think it's cruel. I made sure that my vet didn't do it to my cats since they're indoor. Thank goodness I spoke up because it would have been done without even telling me about it beforehand.

my cat also suddenly came home with the neighbours cat, they go for walks together and I'm pretty sure that they are either best bros or gay haha. both males and castrated and my cat is named Madonna haha (got a girl who suddenly grew a junk but already responded to his name lol) animal couples are the cutest!!

Same thing happen to me. The cat in my picture is named "Star". I also thought he was a she, then he grew cojones.

omg clipping a chunk out that's hideous most vets I know tattoo the inside of the left ear

My cat has a tattoo and microchip for identification. She was spayed by the Humane Society but her ears are in tact. I've never seen that before, I hope its just a local thing.

#65 Cats getting their ears clipped is very common when they get spayed. It's to let people know the cat is already fixed so that they don't bring them in for that same procedure. I think it didn't happen to your cat ONLY because of that microchip you had placed in her. The tattoo lets people know your cat has that chip and most likely fixed.

I've never seen that done to a cat. Even the one my parents got from the humane society.

they do it in ohio at some places because some people take strays in and then release them back to where they were (obviously after they heal). so they clip their ears to show that they are fixed. I do not like the fact they do it, but they do fix them to help make the population of animals go down and so people know especially when they take them to the vet that they are indeed fixed.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I've also never heard of that being done, but I would assume that the cat is put under anaesthesia (probably during the same operation). Assuming that the cat is given painkillers/the wound is cleaned, it probably wouldn't be in much pain. And that's an extremely easy way to tell if a cat is fixed. Although it's not ideal, it's better than someone wasting time trapping and taking a cat in to the vet that's already been fixed, when one that hasn't been could have been taken in for the operation instead.

strawberrywine22 30

You have been cat-chosen.. It's a great honor enjoy your new cat.

but if they're snuggling on the couch together already then thats sooo cute and means the other cat could fit in your household well! (normally cats dont get along that well with each other right away)

How do you not realise straight away!!

she kind of did, you just read into the ops wording too much.

yeah seems like an "aww how cu... wait a minute where'd you come from" moment

askullnamedbilly 33

Hope you spayed/neutered your cat. If it's a stray and doesn't already belong to someone else, you could think about adopting it - it apparently gets along very well with your cat.

My cats constantly fight, too. Female is 16 and a male that is 4. They are wonderful when they are apart, though.