By justno - 29/6/2014 00:26 - Canada - Mississauga
Today, my sister ran into my room unannounced while I was on webcam with a potential employer. Before I could react, she looked at my screen, said "Damn, he's fucking hot." and flashed him. FML
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  PrimeEvilTahir  |  23

Not to hijack your comment but I'm getting tired of people asking if OP got the job.. So here is the answer so people stop asking:

OP got the job and turned out to be extremely successful. OP is now a CEO of one of fortune 500 companies and living up the dream. As for the flashy sister she continued her trashy lifestyle and got into serious trouble by the law. OP had to bail her out and now is supporting her financially to get stable job in her life which does not require boob flashing (we all love them but we need to keep some boundaries)

Both OP and her sister live happily ever after... THE END!

P.S. This all happened today as the FML tells you...

  PiinkVanilla  |  15

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