By justno - 29/06/2014 00:26 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, my sister ran into my room unannounced while I was on webcam with a potential employer. Before I could react, she looked at my screen, said "Damn, he's fucking hot." and flashed him. FML
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Well, as someone who appreciates boobs, I think her chances of getting that job may be higher than yours.

OP needs to follow up on whether they got the job or not


Well, as someone who appreciates boobs, I think her chances of getting that job may be higher than yours.

iOceanus 18

Am I the only one wondering how old she is, because that changes everything.

Not to hijack your comment but I'm getting tired of people asking if OP got the job.. So here is the answer so people stop asking: OP got the job and turned out to be extremely successful. OP is now a CEO of one of fortune 500 companies and living up the dream. As for the flashy sister she continued her trashy lifestyle and got into serious trouble by the law. OP had to bail her out and now is supporting her financially to get stable job in her life which does not require boob flashing (we all love them but we need to keep some boundaries) Both OP and her sister live happily ever after... THE END! P.S. This all happened today as the FML tells you...

Ohhh that is one blow(n) job

49- you still are a threadjacker

#49: All FMLs are required to start with "Today" whether they actually happened today or not. So it may not have happened today.

#60 - I added that part as humor but sadly it wasn't taken in that sense. You win some comments and you lose some. My last comment was a lost... Carry on people... :-)

Ohhh. :D I got top comment! This is a first for me, I was so surprised when I saw my name on the homepage.

Holy fuck! This is a hijacking?!

Did anyone else notice how visits to #1's profile rocketed since she told us she appreciates boobs? Nicely done #1.

Seriously, who even read this long, droll comment.. Who cares what you're sick of..

#105 Why wouldn't I appreciate breasts? They're amazing! All girls own a beautiful pair, no matter the size. They have the ability to feed infants... for free. They make the best pillow for your partner when watching movies. They're pretty damn amazing, imo.

I also appreciate boobs! That makes 2 of us! Yayyy! Will you flash me so I can appreciate yours?

Thunder Bay! I went to LU years ago :D

Job blocked by your own sister. That's gotta sting.

OP needs to follow up on whether they got the job or not

Now you have the breast chance of getting in!

I actually died laughing

Maybe your potential boss will be flattered and you'll get hired so he can get closer to your sister. A job is a job.

Or he could just skip OP and hire OP's sister and be much much closer to the sister.

No, he needs to hire OP so he can nail the sister without getting in trouble with HR

Yeah, no one wants to talk to Toby.

#106 hahaha only certain people will get that haha! Poor Toby!

World_Burner 13

plot twist: OP's sister is underaged..

drshn 22

shouldn't it be a job for a job.

So does she do that to any hot guy she sees?

Dang you'd go crazy around me then

It sounds like such a slutty move....

equitationbound 22

Hey, she could've boosted your chances, OP!

"And that's how you get a job" -Interviewer

A07 48

Maybe your sister might get a job as well now.

a blow job perhaps?

89 - Why would his sister RECEIVE a blow job?

You'll have your chance to get payback when she has the same problem

OP will just run into her room, look at her screen, and go "Damn he's fucking hot" before flashing his dick to the interviewer?