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Today, while teaching juniors about black holes, I said, "Imagine everything being sucked into a black hole." An African-American student shouted, "I'd better start clenching!" Nobody took the lesson seriously after that. FML
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That sucks but I've got to admit it's kind of funny

Humor in a lesson is essential. Some of my best classes involved my professors cracking jokes.


I'm sorry to hear that. All I can say is to pick it up at the next lesson, start over if you need to. Acknowledge the hilarity of the joke, but remind them that they will be tested on this.

Or he could do what my science teacher does and hand out detentions! That usually shuts the class up pretty fast.

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wow. you clearly take things way too seriously. as for op, at least your students are having fun in your class.

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by the way, my comment was for number 1

We have Saturday detentions for 5 hours starting at 7am. No one says a word after they get threatened with those

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Wow, sounds great, so then they'll hate OP as well. that will surely make them more interested in his/her class. >:l

Well if she lets them do it, they will keep doing it and getting louder and more disrespectful, because why pay attention when you can **** around for an entire class.

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Op just needs to find the right way to engage her class. It seems like the class has a lot of energy and got bored pretty quickly if one comment ruined the whole class. Maybe Op should include some trivia games with candy prizes or something similar. a pizza party if everyone does well.

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OP and any teacher should not have to bribe their classes. As students they should learn to control themselves. Speaking as a student myself, it is really annoying when a few people disrupt the entire class.

Eh, be glad you're not stuck in there with a bunch of stiffs. I mean, look on the bright side: that was funny as shit!

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Don't be such a serious science teacher. Laugh it up and teach at the same time. I had a hilarious physics teacher back in the 8th grade and it's been my favorite science subject sense.

#30 - Principal Vernan?? Is that you? (For the young FMLers, that was a breakfast club reference lol)

SuperMew 22

I am not saying bribe them, but even if they never get a pizza party or candy prizes, including fun class games would never hurt. It makes people remember things better, or for me it did. Sitting in a lecture for hours on end does not always work with high school students. I love teachers who took the time to engage us, have fun, or rewarded us for good behavior. We got to watch movies if we all got A and B's on big tests. It made everyone study harder because no one wanted to be the asshole who made 30 other people miss out on the movie. We got a pizza party for having the best test scores in our grade. We also got candy prizes if we did well. Yeah, bribing the kids might not be Op's way of doing it, but working with your class instead of trying to force your will upon them actually does work in some cases.

I'm 16 and i still watch the breakfast club on vhs.. a lot!

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57, this is a high school class. high schoolers don't like it when their classes resemble kindergarten.

When I do become a teacher, I'd prefer students be happy in my class every once in a while instead of always hating it.

I find it easier to remember things if they have something humorous linked to it. My lecturer always makes funny examples of things he lectures us on and almost always the whole class passes well.

I don't understand why you got bad ratings, someone said the exact same thing a few commends down and is full of love. Seriously, this person is right. Fun yet strict make for an awesome teacher and learning experience. Now, I too shall go drown in thumbs down.

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142- I don't know. I think nap time & pizza parties would've been pretty great in highschool.

7 a.m? Ha. All i have to say is good luck trying to wake me up on a saturday before 3 p.m

That sucks but I've got to admit it's kind of funny

Lol every class has that one student :p

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Sounds like the best class ever xD

Humor in a lesson is essential. Some of my best classes involved my professors cracking jokes.

Yeah, but a high school teacher can't admit a joke about anal is hilarious.

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Sure they can. I have teachers that make anal jokes themselves. Of course, this changes when the principal comes by to "visit," but still.

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While that is true, it's just as essential that the students are actually hearing the lesson.

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You should have a bit more humor. But next class assign a pop quiz about what you taught in the class before. My teacher would make a habit of that, and people eventually learned to take the class seriously or lose out on 10% of their grade.

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Bad idea the students will hate the teacher and the academic success will fall. The frienlier the teacher the better the success.

SuperMew 22

It worked in my class. But my teacher was very humorous and friendly so no one really minded. She only did the pop quiz as a last resort after three or four warnings. It was an easy A for those of us who paid attention.

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Teachers sometimes need to be a bit Machiavellian to get their jobs done, and done right. A teacher of mine was too nice and most of the class regularly failed his tests.

SuperMew 22

If students want a fun teacher then they should behave better. I had a nice teacher with lax homework dates, candy prizes, and fun games. People took advantage and she got pissed. So we got harsh due dates, no extra credit, and no more movies.

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There is a balance but as one person was saying you cannot be all fun. As a professor I can tell you it doesn't work like that. If you make it too fun and joke too much they learn nothing. In the end they will appreciate the teachers that were strict but polite, not the ones that let them goof around and get nothing done.

SuperMew 22

I agree. I hated classes without order, where the teacher was more interested in being our friend than our guide. I failed the class because when it came time for midterms the teacher gave us stuff we had never been taught.

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If you think about it ask yourself are you going to listen to someone you hate? Or someone you like? So my comment shouldn't of recieved the amount of dislikes it has.

*too And if it's really "too funny", laugh about it instead of posting a dumb ass comment. Thanks.

...and you could have just hit thumbs down and moved on. You don't have to be so mean to the poor guy! Sheesh.

Nope, he must be hanged for his crimes. DEATH TO THE POINTLESS COMMENTERS!

No, it's hanged in this case. Weird, I know, but if you're talking about death by hanging, it's hanged. TL; DR grammar nazi fail

94 is right. Pictures are hung. People are hanged.

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@89 your profile picture was my reaction to your comment

And this is sadly one of the future generations

An overly-dramatic response to the FML didn't take that long.

Yeah kids these days. In the good old times NOBODY had a sense of humor.

RedPillSucks 31

Erm... This escalated quickly? *runs and hides*

Kn0wledge123 21

I can see where you are coming from... I'm in school and some of these kids are complete infants and blatantly rude to the teacher. Though OP does need to get a sense of humor it's probably not the first time this has happened and it would be incredibly frustrating to OP who is trying to do their job...

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Don't let it bother you so much. They'll eat you alive.

It's so hard to teach a class of zombies nowadays.

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Nah... At least zombies want brains... Todays students don't give a ****.