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Today, I got my cat stuffed after her death. I brought her home and set her down by my couch. I guess my dog thought it was a new chew toy. FML
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you deseved it for getting your cat stuffed in the first place thats ******* creepy


YOU disgust me, you pig. (#40) Do you also think people who keep the ashes of their parents "sick"?! You're the sick one who can't understand the importance of a dead loved one, you depraved dirty cow. The OP is just creepy for getting his cat stuffed.

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what the hell bitch????? >: geting animals stuffed is kinda creepy but that is so heartless cats and other animals should be loved like humans

Yeah, totally F the cat's Life... Not only was it stuffed, but it's stuffed body was chewed up. The OP reminds me of the creepy old woman in Coraline who has a wall of dead stuffed dogs wearing angel wings. Creepy. I can just imagine your cat's fake, glued-on eyes staring at you. But, yeah, I agree that there is nothing wrong with keeping ashes.

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No it's more like Humans=Animals Please tell me your a 4th grader.....

Seriously #88? The cat was already DEAD! No need for the life to be ******, cuz it's over! Everyone grieves in their own way. If this guy wants to stuff his dead cat, so be it. Women in India throw themselves on their husband's burning corpse, I don't see you calling them creepers. And yet, you are fine with people keeping ashes. How prejudiced is that? OP: FYL, I hope you at least got it back before your dog completely mutilated it...

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@79 Humans = Animals. Humans are just very, very advanced animals. (coughcoughinmostcasescoughcough* Anyway... Eh... I would I put the cat in a safer place...

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FYL, I have a cat and love wont know what to do if he dies :( Buuut @79 Did you knew humans are the only animals that don't look themself as animals? Guess your just one more, huh?

you know, #98, you have a good point, but you may want to revisit india (assuming you've actually been there and aren't just quoting from a book). Things have changed in the last 300 years.

i'm sorry but thats just a little wierd imo getting your cat stuffed. I'm a compassionate lucid guy but animals=/= people. people> animals.

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uh 89.. it's actually humans = mammals.. >.>

pcfreak701 got OWNED. Humans > animals thats like saying you would trade an infant for a kitten.

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That's also like feeding babies cat food, and saying that humans hunt animals using no weapons.

That is natures way of saying it but in the stupid human mind, It's human>animal. Btw who the **** get's her cat stuffed? Nature also thinks that getting your cat stuffed is complete bullshit and they should be burried instead.

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i noticed the nickname, @104

to bad stepping on a cockroach doesnt kill it

You asshole! Humans are animals too! Just a different kind. I hate that. People thinking that somehow humans are above animals. We are just as much animal as they are!

People like you make me sick. I will go out of my way to help animals (injured baby racoons and birds have spent days in my garage) and i'm specializing in environmental engineering (which looks at protecting animals too) but come on stop being a stupid ignorant peta pushing person and get some common sense.

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@145: Lots of people are in college at major universities. I'm also in college. It might mean you're educated (not necessarily, but i'm giving you the benefit of a very great doubt here), but it doesn't mean you're smart. Those are two very different things. My family has two dogs and we all treat them as part of the family, because they've been in our family for years. If you can't understand that humans can love animals to a great enough extent that they consider them part of the family, then you clearly never had a pet in your life. Either that or you just didn't give a shit about said pet. And when you said "Never try to insult my intelligence again. In doing so you make yourself look like a moron," you don't look intelligent. You look like you're trying to be all high and mighty and "holier than thou," but you just come off looking like an ass. Get off your high horse and get a big ol' piece of humble pie. And being at a major university doesn't give you a better education than a smaller one, so that comment didn't really have any standing. Just FYI.

@42: how can you compare a dead parent to a dead cat? two completely different circumstances. And OP, YDI

@ 196: Are you crazy? humans are self-aware, which makes us able to value our life, making us more important than animals. stupid PETA ecoterrorist.

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@79: Animals > You Now get off the internet and go eat your slop.

What is with all these people saying how humans = animals. Sorry, no. We are the dominant species on this planet. We can think creatively, form language, use tools etc etc. A few other species can do these sorts of things, but of course on a much lower level. I would also say that when one species keeps another species as a pet, then we win and are better than them.

No, I have not been there, but I do know even though it's been 300 years, people still do it. I don't care if it's a rarity, so is stuffing a cat. The point is, you shouldn't judge someone by how they grieve.

@145: Pets ARE family members. They're like children who never grow up, but still ****... Hah, that's actually rather comparable to certain members of the human race... Strays, on the other hand, aren't so much. I'm with you on the anti-PETA though. Those people are ******* crazy. Sea kittens... ugh. And, yeah, though I love animals, humans > the rest of animals. I mean, shit, maybe our ways are fairly nonsensical and tedious (when you really think deep about it), at least we have something to do with ourselves other than lick our own genitals. Plus, we HAVE the ability to think deep about ourselves and go "well my life is pretty retarded" whereas your garden-variety pampered, fat-ass cat ... can't. lol Nothing wrong with humans being above animals; saying so doesn't automatically make you a pretentious dick. People need to get off their activist high and think... Kind of like how it annoys me to hell some people are afraid of these animals. "ZOMG TEH PUPPY DOG HAS TEEFS" -- so...? Kick it. Is it mean? Only if you did it for ***** and giggles, but in this case the god damn thing was going to ATTACK YOU... Now, if it was your pet dog getting a little bitey, don't let it get away with that shit! Like I said, animals are like children, and must be disciplined accordingly.... Blahblahblah nevermind, I shouldn't get into this lol

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please tell me your 4th grade teacher didn't let you get away with that grammar.... *you're*

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I almost clicked YDI just to be anal. I mean, I was going to say YDI for leaving something that important to you lying on the couch...but your cat just died, so I can't really give you grief for that. And no, the YDI was not for having it stuffed....if that's how you mourn, then that's how you's none of my business. Just to join in this little argument going on here...Humans > Other Animals...sorry. I love animals; I'm a vegetarian...but, how many times have you stepped on a bug without giving it a second thought or eaten meat? I'm not saying it's right that animals are mistreated or anything...but it's better than people. And everyone who says they love their pets...the second the animal claws at one of your children, suddenly you realize that the animal isn't really your child. If there were a fire, you would save the kid first. But yes, all animals deserve the love you can give them.

@170, yeah, dont try to outsmart people again, you're making yourself look like an idiot. yes, humans are mammals. Mammals are also animals. Are your saying a cat or dog isn't an animal, because they're mammals. Idiot.

@208- But humans are the ones who are f$%#ing up the world, animals aren't

I don't entirely understand what's meant by "humans>animals." Are we smarter? Yes. More powerful? Yes. More important? No. We rely on animals more than they rely on us. We depend on them to live. It's kind of difficult and unnecessary to determine whether or not we're "equal" to them.

You're all dumbasses for getting so worked up about the comment by #40/backformorebitch, who is clearly trolling.

#98: You idiot. If your best friend died, would you stuff them and glue on fake eyes, then leave them on your couch so you can watch TV with them by your side forever? I don't think so. What the **** is wrong with you? What I said had nothing to do with: "Women in India throw themselves on their husband's burning corpse, I don't see you calling them creepers. And yet, you are fine with people keeping ashes. How prejudiced is that?" I just think it's gross to stuff something that's dead and keep it in your house. (And most people commenting on this FML agree, so STFU.) Also, I am fine with keeping ashes, because some people need a reminder of that dead person/animal and don't want some creepy stuffed thing in their house that reminds them of how they died, or something along those lines. You know what? Don't even reply, asshole, I hate internet fights, and I don't want to fight with ignorant bastards who just want to argue about something that doesn't really even matter. I can't tell the OP what to think, and you can't tell me what to think.

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wtf? Women in India don't "throw themselves on their husband's burning corpse." Oh sweet ignorance!

I'd mourn my cats a lot more than my stupid, violent, drunk shit of a mother, thank you very much...

"We rely on animals more than they rely on us. We depend on them to live." When talking about pets such as dogs and cats this is simply not true. They depend on us entirely for food, protection from larger predators, etc., while we do not need them for anything. Seriously, if all domesticated dogs and cats spontaneoulsy disappeared, humans would not be at too much of a loss except for companionship.

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Other than the fact we need them for food, some medicines.. y'know, all that stuff. Oh and I'm thinking if all dogs disappeared then there might just be a problem for some people, y'know, like blind people. .. Idiot.

Well it looks like you guys have something in common. Now grow up and play nice.

Im gonna be completely unique and say "F the dogs life" cuz the stuff they use to preserve animals could really hurt him/her if s/he swallowed any and if you aren't ready to move on after your pets die then you arent in a good enough phycogocal state to have pets. bury the cat or burn/ keep ashes YDI people > animals

Why do you all have to reply to the first comment when your comment has nothing to do with what they said? YOU GUYS ARE SO ******* ANNOYING. It makes it so difficult to read. Quit being attention ****** and just post like you're supposed to. God damn it.

#280 pets do more than companionship. why do you think people bring animals to the hospitals and nursing homes to see sick people. they make them feel better which in some cases causes recovery depending on the sickness

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@145 The thing about cockroaches is that they are pests and insects too. Nobody is going to mourn the loss of a pest. You may claim human are intellilectually superior but you yourself have just proven that you are morally inferior. It's people like you that do not value life and should be locked away. I'm guessing either you have never had a pet or you really never should. Just because they can't speak English doesn't meen they can't communicate. My cat, for instance meows to get my attention and shows me what he wants or needs. If he needs food he meows to get my attention then leads me to his bowl. And by that very same logic I can say that Humans are animals so I should be able to go around hunting people without anybody caring. Also, I don't think the cockroach really suffers from pain and if it does, not for very long at all. You should probably see a psychologist or something because you need help. You should study up on morals while you're at that major university of yours.

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Are you really that dumb. How can even say humans=animals and say it is ok to get a cat stuffed. Does that mean when one of your family members dies, you are going to bring them to the freaking taxidermist and say I want a pose that really makes him look like he is still alive, or I want him to look elegant. No becasue thats not ok. I think its weird that someone would stuff a pet but at least that shows that they do not think of the pet as human, and getting it stuffed proves that. I have a cat and a dog and love both of my pets that we have had for 10 and 13 yrs. I would save my mother or my sister or a random stranger from a burning building before i would save my pets. If anyone would save animals over people then they do not deserve to be a person. I dont know how better to say people>animals.

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#145...people keep animals like cockroaches as pets too. If your cat claws at your face and leaves scratches...that makes your pet a pest. Like I said, you only love the animal if it's tamed and trained. Would you keep a violent cat as a pet? Since you started off with the whole "people like you" crap, I just want to say that people like you are the ones who will wear leather shoes, eat hamburgers, and step on bugs and claim to be the best animal lovers.

Stuff your parents when they die! :D

you're* It's sort of ironic how you chastize someone and tell them they're in the fourth grade when a simple word like that can be learned in the SECOND grade.

@ 1: The cat doesnt even have a life, and to all the fuçks who think that it is bad to have your cat stuffed, fuçk you, I got my sister, dad and mom stuffed when they died, they are in glass cases by my bed

I'd trade a screaming, ********, needy, ugly human infant for a lovable, soft, sweet kitten any day.

so your telling me if your in a burning building and the firefighters come in you want them to grab a goldfish instead of you because they are closer to the fish tank than you.

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your an idiot for stuffing your dead cat.

if you think humans=animals, then ok. think that AFTER you bring me a talking mouse. And think it AFTER u get on ur hands and knees and wear hideous sweaters ur "owner" gave you. or you could be attacked by a lion. humans=animals? no way!

He's writing a comment, not an essay. Grow up. /rolleyes

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Difference is that cockroaches are disease filled creatures that invade your house. Dogs aren't, not instinctively. Also, a cockroach is a pest, while dogs aren't. Also, how does stating that humans are animals make somebody sound like a 4th grader?

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@208, humans ARE animals. They just aren't animalistic.

You have so many grammatical errors that your opinion is completely irrelevant.

*you're* You certainly have the spelling of a 4th grader.

you deseved it for getting your cat stuffed in the first place thats ******* creepy

People who get their animals stuffed scare me. D: You can always just get another cat. I don't see a reason to stuff a cat... it's creepy. There are also people who make clothes and stuff out of their animals' hair. :D

You scare me more than the people who stuff their cats. Not only because of the happy smilie when talking about people making clothes off their dead pets (which is downright screwed up), but worst, because you said they "could just get another cat". That's SO not the same. And you can't replace a life like that. If someone loses a child, you don't tell them "yeah, whatever, put on your big girl panties and get pregnant again, it's no big deal!", do you?! It's very similar, for a lot of people. The OP is creepy for stuffing their kitty, but you're worse.

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#54 obviously they do they probably loved that cat and people on here are idiots for judging them as being creepy but they should have hidden it somewhere her dog couldnt get to it because it probably hates cats or hated that cat anyway and wanted to destroy it

#73 I think you mean take off your panties, not put them on ;)

Actually, I'd like to disagree... there's a great deal of difference between a child and a pet. Would you recommend a parent get their dead kid stuffed and sit it on the mantelpiece? The argument goes both ways. And the best way to get over the loss of one pet is to get another. True story. It's an animal - it's not self-aware like humans. They have personality and we love them dearly, true, but at the end of the day... it's still an animal. People who treat their pets like children have issues.

#73 that is a totally abject and stupid comparison. A child is your own flesh and blood, your creation.. AND **IMPORTANT** an intelligent being that is capable of thoughts feelings and skills. A pet is something that you may grow very attached to but it is not any of the above.

#151... what about adopted children? Do they count less because they aren't their parents' "flesh and blood"?

@73 Children and cats aren't the same, even if some people think they are. o_o And the "happy" smiley was kind of sarcastic. :l

@73 You and people like you disgust me. Animals are not the same as humans. The fact that you compare losing a child to losing a pet makes me sick. How about going up to someone who's child died and saying "Yeah, i know how you feel, my cat died."

Also 73 you can replace a cat. It's just a cat you stupid tool. Also OP stuffing your cat is soooo creepy. You must be a pretty weird and strange person.

**** children. They're annoying and cats/dogs are way better. Children grow up to little fucktards unlike pets :D

You're saying animals can't love? Yeah that's why try to protect their owners and some animals have even saved their owners lives,because they don't love and feel, right?

about the adoption post... thanks for completely missing the point. Anyone who thinks animals = humans (even symplifing it into an equation itself is retarded) and who would compare the death of a child to a cat- please, please , please never, ever, ever have a kid. One you have already illustrated you have defective genes (your intelligence is low) and therefore your genes should not be passed on to any future generations. Two you are not ready intellectually and emotionally to raise a child and would screw up.

I'm agreeing there. Animals require less and love you unconditionally. I've heard of plenty horror stories (from 'real life') of children and parents falling out. Oh, and pets don't go apeshit and murder you in your sleep or otherwise (Lizzie Borden, anyone?). A cat or dog will not disown you either.

Um, pets have thoughts, feelings, skills. Tell me your dog doesn't get excited, get sad, or THINK? Seriously.

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@161, i thought the same thing when i read that comment.

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#171...all I have to say to you we all know where you came from.

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Truth of the matter is, you only love your animals tamed. If your pet attacks you or your's on to the streets for them. If your kid attacked the pet, you'd probably just ground them. here's why children are different than pets. You raise your children into becoming someone or something. You don't raise a pet; you keep it for companionship.

wow you are the biggest moron in the world. I am pretty sure you were a kid too. Just because you were a little demon tree hugging ****** doesn't mean every kid is like you.

Actually they are quite the same. You can never replace a child or a pet. Not even if you buy a new pet. It wouldn't be the same.

my dog died I was sad for a bit but then you know what I bought a new one. try the same thing with you're kid when that happens doesnt work as well

No, actually, I do say "yeah, whatever, put on your big girl panties and get pregnant again, it's no big deal!"

Trolling aside, #166 are you actually suggesting that humans are not animals? So... Are we fungi?

171, you were obviously one of those kids who grow up to be fucktards

that is disturbing...why would you stuff him :S...fyl

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Awe that's so sad. Poor kitty. Stuffing animals is weird though.

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Okay...why would you stuff your cat!? Thats gross!

YDI for eating dry corn chips w/out salsa

I agree, corn chips without salsa (or queso) is weird. I just thought of this.... as an idea.... i've seen little miniature kitties carved from wood that use real cat fur (not the skin, mind ye, just the fur). If one wants to keep a memento of a pet around that would be much less creepy than having the pet itself stuffed.

so i agree with this except in the case of the multigrain tostitos. They are actually pretty damn good w/out salsa. However store bought queso imo is kinda gross.