By Ellencrazee - 13/08/2011 10:22 - United Kingdom

Today, I came home from holiday, only to find my house full of small decomposing animals, courtesy of my cat. FML
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Welcome home! Love, the cat xx

It's actually a sign that your cat loves and cares for you. He was just trying to provide you with food. He didn't know any better, he's just a cat.


At least you know your cat can kill pests if needed. :)

I thought garfield only ate lasagna?

It's actually a sign that your cat loves and cares for you. He was just trying to provide you with food. He didn't know any better, he's just a cat.

10: When you put it that way it's kind of cute... But it's still an utterly disgusting FML... Just one more reason to add to my list of "Reasons To Never Get A Cat"

Pixxio_O 11

At least you don't have to pay for food for a month...

adropofpeace 8

Op needs a cat like mine. If he sees something he'll catch it and bring it to you and let it go. Granted, he's letting it loose in your house again, but it's not a bloody mess on your floor :P haha

LiveLaughFML 10

those small decomposing animals are a sign from your cat saying not to mess with them >;D

31, mine catches a mouse and then sits on it until she's tired. Then she let's it go - until next time.

And that is why I'm not a cat person.

My cat catches the mouse, uses it as a toy to fling around for a bit, then she'll puncture it's lungs. Then she decides whether to bring it right up to me, and drop it by my feet as a present, or if she wants to eat it. She would never leave a mouse, or bird for that matter, just lying around inside though.

I just want to hug every single cat but I can't!

I agree with 21, I hate cats.


at least you have plenty of food

That's what you get for having a cat

LiveLaughFML 10

#61 LMAO that cat lady on eHarmony was hilarious! im glad I caught your reference ;D

freshV43 0

At least it doesnt smell bad

kevsnev 7

It was probably hungry.

Im still trying to figure out if it was OP that smelled or the dead animals.

My cat would play with it, sometimes eat it, sometimes not. I had a cat when I was younger bring a mouse on my bed as a present I'd get in the morning, if that's not bad enough, it was just the head!

72 I'm a furry I don't bang animals I love them. Your ignorant to think that furies rape animals.

Truly I don't even care anymore. >.> ignorance must be bliss.

Welcome home! Love, the cat xx

Magic1 9

I thought you were talking about your pets decomposing at first :P

iLOLatURpain69 7

What a pussy.

Should've called a cat-sitter in the first place.

Lucky you! My dog will play with it, obviously killing it, and just leave it in the middle of the room, lol (this was meant to # 99

either your cat has access to the outdoors or the animals where there and alive before you left

Wow, you are really smart!

properbostonian 5

Hot people don't need to be smart

neonblue120 6

Tell that to the girl under him.

cp1338 0

Probably an outdoor cat with a cat door

RebekahBrooke 9

cat flap? jeez. and.... wow.... how would you have thought it'd eat??

SteelCladAngel 0

Some people have these really neat things called bulk or automatic feeders Fill up a special container with food then as te cat or dog eats what's in the bowl more food falls into the bowl....

We used to have one but in scared the crap out of my dog

SteelCladAngel 0

Lol my gram has them for her cats that are similar to bulk candy things in stores, the food just drops as what's in the collection area is used up. No noise r anything which is good because one of her cats is afraid of /everything/

Why didn't you get someone to take care of the cat when you were gone?

Dodie_zilla 0

Now I know sometimes animals can last weeks without food, but no one knows the previous state of the cat. Like if it was healthy or not.

They probably put food out for the cat. But it got bored and decided to have fun.

Dodie_zilla 0

You should have asked someone to watch your cat. You never know, you're lucky it didn't starve to death! Ydi!

RebekahBrooke 9

THANK YOU. how did he expect it to survive? It has to eat, and there are animals outside. He obviously knew that the cat had access, but he didnt think about this?

stacianichole 2

Why does someone always have to criticize the OP? It's not negligence, shush.

sxe_beast 11

They probably had someone checking in on the cat. The person housesitting may not have went into the part of the home where the dead animals were/ noticed the dead animals. There are also automatic food/water feeders that dispense it at certain times. And there are self cleaning cat litter boxes. There are all sorts of tools that allow people to leave their cat unattended for a few days to a couple weeks. Sheesh you people are morons.

ImmaB3AST 7

Or it could have been what 48 said. They got automatic feeders now a days.

stacianichole 2

Those aren't decomposing small animals, they're gifts of love...Enjoy!

Exactly! From the cat's point of view, he's contributing to the food supply!

Your cat redecorated for you, how kind.

This is so funny! But gross too because I would hate to have to pick up a bunch of dead animals.. Eeeekk!

loveurlifeJK 5

They're presents! He missed you.