By Peta2nNoMore - 04/07/2009 10:42 - United Kingdom

Today, I came home and found a few of my faux fur coats completely butchered. On my way to interrogate my boys, the only ones home, I found our husky dog, who was recently shaved for an operation, covered in the fur that once belonged to my coat. My boys said 'he was cold'. FML
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Well yay for you for wearing faux instead of real!

Well, at least they were thoughtful.


Well, at least they were thoughtful.

Very much so. Must have been an awesome sight to see.

yeah even if it ruined her coat at least she knows her sons care about animals plus a husky in a faux fur coat sounds hilarious

Haha awh. That's SO cute. Shitty deal about your coat, but find the silver lining in this one. Your kids have problem solving skills!

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Funny, Damnit, i lost the game...

totally lol thats adorable!! you raised them to respect animals at least, just not your stuff :P

you can die now

awwww :) that's adorable :')

Lmao cruelty to animals?

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FAUX fur. Definitly not crulitey to animals. That was sweet of your kids though. Sorry about the coats :p

You've never heard of Fauxes? There those sneaky animals that live in the woods.

Smh if you are going to be a judgmental animal rights activist know what you're taking about

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Well yay for you for wearing faux instead of real!

Awww! That's kinda cute

You left children young enough to do that home alone? YDI :|

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yea i was thinking that too

Well, considering I knew several middle and highschoolers that would do similar... :/ It's possible they are old enough to be home alone - it's also possible she was only talking to a neighbor, and figured making her children tag along would be pointless when she was so close.

#6 so what. it's not that, it's the fact that the kids ruined her coats. and so what? It's seems nice that they helped out the dog. :)

I agree, perhaps the kids shouldn't have been left alone long enough to chop up your coats.

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She said it was faux fur.

They might have thought faux was fox. Haha.

its faux idiot

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yeah, faux, not fox! XD

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yes, I realize it is faux fur, I was referring to owning fur in general. Real or fake.

Well if it's fake, whats the problem with it?

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My thoughts exactly. I think it's extremely ugly.

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What's ugly to you might be attractive to someone else.

your user name confuses me

aww, thats so sweet of them though :) haha.

So I guess the intergogating didn't go very well, then.