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Today, I was in charge of taking a delivery of new office chairs for the meeting room at work. The delivery men took the old chairs, but left without delivering the new ones. I can't get in contact with them, and we have a big meeting first thing tomorrow. FML
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ansarias tells us more.

Hey everyone, OP here. Thanks for the hilarious comments. Thought I'd provide a follow up, and clarify a few things quickly. I work as part of the commercial team for a small company based in London. Due to the size of the company, occasionally, I have to do jobs that you wouldn't find the equivalent of my position in a larger company doing. This was one of them. Basically, I was told that we would have new chairs arriving for the meeting room, and that I should let the delivery / removal men into the building, show them the room, and sign the papers. Since I was really busy with my usual work, I let them in and left them to it. I didn't notice they had left until I went to check on them 15 minutes later! I Got quite a shock when I found the meeting room empty with no workmen in sight! In terms of the meeting, when the clients arrived yesterday morning, we made the decision to take them out for breakfast (no shortage of places that offer this in central London, and hey, they weren't complaining!), and I'm pleased to say it went well. I even managed to finally get hold of the delivery company afterwards who brought the new chairs around (different guys though). Apparently, it was a "logistics issue". Anyway, I'm still employed, and me and my colleagues (including my boss) got a good laugh out of it (and a delicious breakfast!) Cheers all. good laugh out of it (as well as a delicious breakfast).

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Well on the bright side your chances of a standing ovation have never been higher.

Are you entirely sure they were delivery men?


Well on the bright side your chances of a standing ovation have never been higher.

I'm sure OP will rise to the occasion and do a stand-up job.

Sorry to hear that OP, I cant stand when that happens

these puns are really keeping me on my feet!


That was the best first comment I've seen in a long time.

Perhaps OP should consider stand up comedy.

I'm guessing he's not the company's chairman.

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you can either run ..or update the meeting type to "stand up meeting"... choose the best which works for you...

Go buy some Yoga mats and tell them the company has decided to experiment with a new, stress reducing meeting style.

the true way to get business men to relax - yoga during meetings

Tell the people you were going for a feng shui look

Guess you'll have to "stand and deliver..."

Tell them it's an experiment to get everyone more actively involved in the meeting.