By Anonymous - 17/04/2013 15:14 - United States

Today, I left my son with my husband while I went to the store. Ten minutes later, my dog was missing a large patch of fur, and neither of them can stop laughing. FML
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Are they fur real?!

1. Wait til they fall asleep and shave a patch of hair off of them. 2 Proceed to uncontrolled laughter.


Are they fur real?!

Of course they are. That's why the FML is on hair.

Thia does razor real question, hopefully someone can patch this up.

It was definitely a bald move on their part; I hope they shaved you a very good explanation because this is clump-pletely unnaceptable.

Someone should tell them to cut it out before their pranks go down a dangerous root.

Fur the love of dog, can we stop with the puns?! That'd be pawsome, thanks.

Are you barking mad, there's at least ca-nine more puns in this...

I hope they had a good explanation or else they're in deep shit-zu

it's fur tastic that they are bonding lead by the alpha of the house:-)

Guys, can we just paws for a second? OP has been through a lot. How you guys can laugh remains a caninedrum to me. Don't terrier self up over it though, I won't hound you guys anymore.

How pet-rifying! Sorry OP, sounds like your dog has it ruff.

Boys will be boys...

1. Wait til they fall asleep and shave a patch of hair off of them. 2 Proceed to uncontrolled laughter.

3. ???? 4. Profit!!!

I don't think i will ever understand the male species

i think thats for the best. or else they might actually try to understand us.

I don't think I will ever understand the female species..

I don't think I'll ever understand FML comment sections.

Your husband sounds like a fun guy

I bet the dog thinks so.

While I agree with you, he's still setting a bad example for his son.

It could've been a lot worse!! Something could've been on fire

exactly, and the fur will grow back so no big disaster

Father son bonding time. No moms allowed!

Aww :( poor doggie! I wouldn't have cooked them dinner. Or any food.

Seems like they had fun. At least no one got seriously injured.

The dog might beg to differ.

That's why I said "seriously" injured. It's not like it was profusely bleeding, or had a huge gash. It might have hurt to get the fur out, but it wasn't seriously injured.

The dog's self esteem could be seriously injured.

Still no reason to abuse an innocent animal.

That's male bonding for you.