By MySistersDogisStupid - 13/01/2017 22:00

Today, I took mine and my sister's dog for a walk in the park near my house. The dog managed to find a large piece of rotting, frozen meat buried in the snow and tried to eat it. I had to pry it from his mouth and can't get the smell out of my gloves and coat. FML
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#1 Your comments are so idiotic. Why don't you take a trip to Mexico and say something like that to the cartel

nonsensical 26

By body do you mean human?


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Mexico thinks you're an idiot

You don't recognize political satire when you see it. You, sir, are the idiot.

@11 It's not that people don't recognise or understand the jokes you make. It's just that most of the time your jokes just aren't funny. That sounds bitchier than intended. Don't worry, I'm rarely funny either.

#1 Your comments are so idiotic. Why don't you take a trip to Mexico and say something like that to the cartel

Well at least that's some shit you aren't gonna have to deal with now.

<p>Anyone else feel like this would be the start of a zombie apocalypse in a movie or something?</p>

#1 stop with your idiotic comments.

<p>Stop bullying me.</p> <p>If you don't like my comments, don't read them. My avatar is very distinctive, so reading or skipping my comments is easy. If you hate them so much, but can't help but read them, hit the thumbs down button and move on.</p> <p>Your continual nagging that I quit writing altogether is out of line and evil. You have no right to deny my right to comment. You should be ashamed of yourself.</p>

You know,you could've just opened the dog's mouth to let the meat fall... Just one finger to either extreme side of his jaws and push... he would've opened wide

so you say the dog belongs to you & your sister but as soon as it does something stupid you say it's just your sister's? poor dog :(

<p>OP here. I was walking my dog, and my sister's dog. Two dogs :p my sister's dog is the one who found the rotting chunk of meat, which I assume a racoon dug out of someone's trash and left in the field.&nbsp;</p>