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Today, I called my parents from out of state to see if they would order me a pizza using their credit card online because I'm out of money. I haven't lived with them for the past year, and they still claim me as a dependent on their taxes. They said no. FML
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If you're out of money, you should be asking your parents for money for groceries that will last a week or longer, not pizza that will only last a day and a half. How are you even managing to live on your own if you don't have any money, anyway? I don't really see the second to last sentence as being relevant; seems like you're just putting that there to say that your parents owe you.

you could always eat your limbs. masturbation can wait.


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well that's cute. it's the thought that counts anyways, right??

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you could always eat your limbs. masturbation can wait.

oh go make your self some homemade food or dumpster dive... jeeze

go to the IRS, that'll teach em for trying to make you responsible for yourself.

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I'm sorry but how the **** is this an FML?

are all parents in America like this? just wondering

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No, most parents in the US are not like that.

17- did you not hear this guy basically say his parents were mooching off him? the least they can do is get him a pizza. since when does teaching someone responsibility include giving them your own responsibilities

Why are you out of money? If you blew all of your food money on pot than YDI. If not, then I thinks it's time to claim yourself.

All of you high and mighty people can go F*** yourselves, this economy SUCKS, the job market SUCKS, and most of the jobs that young people can get are difficult to live off of. Most of you being so judgmental and unfair are probably young enough that you don't have to worry about a job, or old enough that you had a job before this shitty job market hit. I have been looking for a summer job for years, and no one will even look at me because I don't have a lot of experience. Don't judge people for things you don't have to deal with.

why would you even assume they spend it on pot?

Rob the pizza place, when you get caught blame your parents. The police will investigate them and will go to jail for sayin youre still dependant. Theyll be forever sorry and will give you money forever. Thatll show them! BWAHAHAHA!!

Thank you. I am an evil genius/its snowing and i have too much time on my hands...

I'm sure you could pawn something if you want a pizza so bad.

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well if you reversed the call that would be a sign of being desperate? what happended to good old buskin on the street to make some money??

I like the threaten them one black mail your old enough now do so.