By armenta427 - 07/10/2009 04:12 - United States

Today, I found out that my parents are 28,000 dollars in debt and that my bank account has $27.17 in it. They took my money to help pay their debt. FML
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That's horrible! How dare they! You should sue them when they get back on their feet.

welcome to my life. my mother stole the 30k my grandparents gave me for sophomore year to 'pay off' her debts. i'm now 90k in debt after all the interest from the loan i had to take out.


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Thx, I will always remember that

i guess your under 18 your money is their money did they say thanks ( f u punctuation nazis)

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Agreed 49. Even if he earned it himself, while it may make them shits, it's still legally theirs if he's under 18. Especially if they're the one's who saved it, though. However, if he's older than that, he shouldn't have given them access.

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Sucks to be you. Ironic, parents are supposed to be responsible.

Unfortunately, responsible parents are pretty much non-existent.

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If he is a minor and opened that account under a certain age, his parents would have access to the account. You know, since he is/was a minor and all. Are you always this stupid?

How does a minor come across an amount of money large enough to be worth clearing out by his parent's to help pay their massive debt? Furthermore, and regardless of how they gained access, this kid needs to talk to the police. There was obviously some forging going on.

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If you are a minor, you have no private property rights. PERIOD. I went through this exact same shit with my parents. This is also why minors cannot sign contracts and why their parents are responsible until their emancipation.

38- it's only $27.17, it's not enough to pay the debt, try rereading the FML

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That is what they have now....

That's horrible! How dare they! You should sue them when they get back on their feet.

There's always one.

If you live independently, how come they know the details for your bank account? That's the fee for your lesson in independence.

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Why could they access your bank account ??? If you let them then it's your own stuppid mistake and not FML

YDI for being under 18. Raising a kid costs a few hundred thousand dollars. Did they take more than that?

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How the hell would someone under 18 have thousands of dollars in his bank account, unless that was his parents' money to begin with. But if he is over 18 and it's his own earned money, HDI for being retarded enough to use a shared bank account with his parents.

all those "this is how much it costs to raise a kid" estimations are BS. I guess it depends what country you live in, but in Australia, you get given so much money by the gov for having kids, that I have a friend with a 2yo and she reckons she hasn't spent a cent more on him than what the gov has given her. And most of the parents I talk to say kids are really not that expensive, you just have to learn to say 'no' and not buy brandname-everythings. You can't say YDI by suggesting he OWES his parents what it cost to raise him.

If the parents weren't financially prepared for a child, why did they have one? Up until the kid is 16, the parents are responsible for providing all necessities.

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Well you must have rich friends. Babies are expensive because they poop and pee all the time. Toddlers are constantly growing and need new clothes every time you blink. Kids are okay, but you still have to clothe and feed them. Teenagers are beyond expensive. They eat you out of house and home.

welcome to my life. my mother stole the 30k my grandparents gave me for sophomore year to 'pay off' her debts. i'm now 90k in debt after all the interest from the loan i had to take out.

Ouch. I guess parents actually respecting their kids is hard to come by. Fortunately, for me and my brother, my parents would never think twice about burdening us with their debt.

@ 28 I think you got a typo there. :-) (If your parents would never think twice, it means they would do it in a heartbeat!)

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The only way they'd have access to your account is if you're under 18 and still live at home, in which case the money you earn under their roof is theirs anyway. If you're over 18, they shouldn't have access to your account. Either way, YDI.

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Uh, you do know that you can work and receive gifts under 18, too? Either way, technically it's not theirs anymore once they give it to the kid. And if they were any decent, they'd have ASKED him before they took it, either way. I wouldn't sue, that's stupid, and if they are that deep in debt chances are you won't even get anything out of it. Also, suing one's parents is a definite way to butcher the family peace. If you don't want that, don't do it. Tell them they should have asked beforehand, and they should pay you back, especially if you needed that money for something.

So stealing from your family does not butcher family peace?

or you could ask them to pay you back in time. you're parents are you're parents don't do that suing bullshit with then unless they treated you like shit or neglected you. if they provided food clothin shelter and a loving home for you then ask them to pay you as soon as they can.