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By anonymous-canada - 07/12/2010 05:28

Today, I was working a midnight shift when a guy came in drunk and was trying to get me to come home with him. I said I had a boyfriend. As I said this, my manager, who has no teeth and B.O, said he was my boyfriend. I will never live this down with my co-workers. FML
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He was probably trying to help you get rid of the guy. It's kinda rude that you would than act like it was just as bad as some drunk idiot.

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Aww, geez, he was just trying to help you out, OP… but it sounds like you're just an ungrateful bitch. I would have thanked him and moved on.


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um ew??

You never go ass to mouth!

BO means big organ right? I thought that's what girls want?

BO = butt orgy

because it makes sense that he has a butt orgy all the

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Your manager sounds nice, helping you out like that.

41-who doesn't?

ydi for working for someone with no teeth and BO. and for being a bitch ;)

B.O= body ordor like he stinks, :P

op is he actually your bf?

no he wasn't

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I fail to see the problem with his lack of BO.

yeah I thought it would be a good thing to not have BO.

Ugh, get over it. You know what the OP means.

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The first two words of your comment would have sufficed.

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You need to get over yourself

Well you had a choice, the incredibly drunken guy standing there trying to take you home, or your manager... you made your decision...

the drunk guy for sure, cause I could sneak off when he isn't looking lol

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Yah and truthfully...what manager has BO and no teeth. Where do you work, a brothel?

I think that's a nice thing he did for u. Now repay him with a bj.

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haha nice one *high fives*

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[email protected]#3 this girl is obviously up herself

He was probably trying to help you get rid of the guy. It's kinda rude that you would than act like it was just as bad as some drunk idiot.

Ummm no teeth and BO sounds a lot worse

It's not like she was forced to play some tonsel hockey to prove that he was her 'BF' or smell him.

you are ungrateful.

#8 that was exactly my thoughts. Maybe the manager was trying to help the OP. It is not asif he told her to do something for him. She thinks her life sucks just because this manager has not teeth! That is a rude payback!

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if he was that drunk I doubt he would have noticed lack of teeth and Bo.. in his eyes he probly seen a hott guy there and 2 of you haha

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The fml is that her co workers will know

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true that but why would u care? it's not that bad!!

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Also, if it's not true, then the co-workers really can't tease. OP, I think your manager was just trying to be helpful. Be happy he was there or the drunk guy may not have left you alone

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he cant help hes ugly show some compssion