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Today, I was waiting in line to use the bathroom. I complained to the guy next to me about how long the lady was taking. I kept making jokes about it, but he never seemed to laugh. Finally, the door opened and out came a lady in a wheelchair. The guy next to me was her husband. FML
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carebearusaf 6

Maybe next time you won't be such a twatdangler, and wait patiently.

"How long can she stay in there for? Is she handi-crapped or something? I've seen constipated turtles push one out faster than this bitch! Haul ass, woman!" You're not funny and you should mind your business like that OP with the van or the iPad


carebearusaf 6

Maybe next time you won't be such a twatdangler, and wait patiently.

Werken247 14

Next time use the toilet in the neighbors yard if ya gotta go that bad.

I must commend your excellent insult, sir or madam, "twatdangler", that's a new one.

Are you guys retarded?! He just made some random funny banter. He got "unlucky" that he did it about a handicapped person. He obviously didn't know she was handicapped, and he's properly very sorry as well. would you freaking chill out! Look more closely before you go kill the person with a "twatknife"

carebearusaf 6

Thanks! I thought it was pretty good myself. :)

aimeesea75 16

1. Did you get that creative swearing book too? :P

"How long can she stay in there for? Is she handi-crapped or something? I've seen constipated turtles push one out faster than this bitch! Haul ass, woman!" You're not funny and you should mind your business like that OP with the van or the iPad

Jadwee96 8

FML should have taught you by now, never make comments to the person next to you.

zombieslayer83 19

that is the reason I don't talk to people.

4 - Bit depressing considering not everyone is a douche. And hey, even nice people have nasty moments which give others the impression that they're bad... baaad people all around. Which could be the same situation for OP.

justbarb 11

i dont understand how you knew there was a lady in there unless you have seen her before she entered the restroom. Either way its messed up

Why would there be a man in line for the ladies room?

43- Waiting for his wife so they can go back to whatever they were doing, I guess. HERP DERP.

That's my point, if he was waiting for her near the women's line it would have been obvious, and I doubt if she was taking so long the men's line wouldn't have moved or anything, and she wouldn't be complaining to someone in a totally different line. It seems far more logical to me that it was a unisex restroom.

Not really, she said the guy was next to her, not in front or behind. That doesn't even mean he was standing really close beside her either.

The point is they were obviously there for the same amount of time, so she wouldn't be joking about just her own situation if she thought he was waiting for a guy who took just as long. I could be wrong, but that still makes more sense to me :P

It could also have been a separate bathroom. Some places have men's, women's, and one "family" one, known to be the most spacious and private. They could have both been outside that one. just an option.

Or maybe the husband was just waiting outside because his wife had to go use the restroom and he didn't. Then decided to accompany her to the restroom.

maimengming 10

One of my teachers had a story similar to this today. Apparently he complained to his wife about another woman's voice being annoying, but it turned out that the other woman had had a stroke. Moral of the story and this FML? Don't just start making comments and jokes. Don't assume. Be patient and understanding with people. There's probably more going on then you think.

If he didn't find the jokes funny, why would you keep making the jokes?

I keep emailing that same sort of question to Dane Cook. He never replies.

Are you sure it's Dane Cook's jokes you don't like? I heard he's a joke stealer.

15 - I don't find Dane Cook funny either. Him and OP should both stop making jokes

unknown_user5566 26

Sirin, that's simple. He makes absurd amounts of money by putting forth minimum effort.

unknown_user5566 26

Sirin, he makes absurd amounts of money by putting forth a barely-there effort. As long as the masses continue to buy into his comedy, he will never go away.

Because Peacelove, some people are idiots!

Thank you! About time I've found some people that agrees on the fact that Dane Cook isn't funny

You just single handly set a new standard for low.

I'm disabled - I use crutches or a wheelchair, depending how much I have to walk - and people are SUPER assholes about leaving stuff meant for disabled people alone. I was brought up being told that you don't use the handicapped stall unless it's the only one open/clean, and you ALWAYS leave it clean if you have to use it. I became disabled late last year, I have a handicapped placard for the car and you wouldn't BELIEVE the number of people who park in those spaces without placards. When I'm using a public washroom, I *need* the extra space to maneuver with my crutches or wheelchair, and the grab bars to help me get up or down. Yet every public washroom I've been in (unless it's a single toilet), there's been someone in the handicapped stall though every single other stall is open, and I've even had someone bang on the door yelling at me to hurry up because she claimed her (perfectly healthy) kids needed to use that stall... Even though the rest were open. My local movie theatre has two handicapped bathroom stalls in two different washrooms - when I went to see Skyfall, one of them was out of order (whenever I go to this theatre there is someone in that stall even if the bathroom is empty), and the one I trekked to all the way upstairs was disgusting and blocked. I called a manager. What did they do? Put an 'out of order' sign on the door. THANKS THAT HELPS. I managed to use a regular stall (thankfully it was a crutches day), but it took ten times as long as usual because I had to maneuver myself up and down with the crutches instead of grab bars. The OP totally deserved it. Rent a wheelchair at a mall sometime, and try transferring onto a toilet without using your legs. It is NOT easy and it takes time, and I've seen a ton of handicapped washrooms that have things in the way so people can't transfer (trash bins, not enough space between the wall and the toilet for the wheelchair). My local mall is like that - since I can't bring my partner (who is my usual caretaker) into the ladies' room with me, I've had him help me in the larger, single 'family' washroom - only to be scolded by people with children because 'there's a special bathroom stall for you'. The OP made some ignorant comments. My partner probably would have said something, but there is something to be said about having someone realize they're being a total dick on their own.

You should probably write down your venting somewhere other than FML. Or write a book or something, holy crap buddy.

Iknoweverything 29

If someone doesn't laugh, it's probably a sign that you should shut up. Just saying.