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Maybe she meant "last time"... =/

hoes... keep your pimp hand strong


Maybe she meant "last time"... =/

It says "last night."

Gosh,#50, you're a dumbass

... Sorry man.

That sucks, I'm sorry man

hoes... keep your pimp hand strong

gotta keep them bitches in line

If she told you about it she must have thought it *was* you... So either she got the days mixed up or ... something bizzarre happened with some other guy she thought was you, or maybe she just dreamt it! Better ask her about it.

she's a common prostitute smeared with the paint of seduction.

Tell her she can wait for that...

Well... If you called her, she knew who she was talking to. She confused the days, that's all! You may think she was cheating if she called you and said that, because she could confused numbers. BUT if you called her, i don't think there's nothing to worry about.

All i got to say is i hope you dont love her..... DONT LOVE HER!!!