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man this all depends on what kind of girlfriend you have and if you had sex three days ago, she might just be drunk and got her days mixed up... or she's cheating either way that sucks.

By  alexgisforme3  |  0

i coulda been 2nd too...but it wouldnt send :(. i can die feeling acomplished...i always wanted to be first so bad but never thought it could happen. haha. i got second yesterday. YAYAYAYAYAYA :D

  AlexZB  |  0

i love how pissed people get on the internet... watch:

Today, I had amazing sex with this guy. I sent a text to him thanking him for it, but I accidentally sent it to my boyfriend who has been out of town of 3 days. FML

  omgitsafly  |  0

i think its so stupid when people comment on the FMLs being overused. we are eventually going to run out of FMLs if everything people see has "already been on the site". circumstances, even wording, change so technically its a new FML.