By desocrates - 20/06/2009 22:54 - United States

Today, at about 1 a.m. I got a drunk text from my girlfriend thanking me for the amazing sex last night. I have been out of town for 3 days. FML
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Forward the text to her when she's sober...I bet she'll be regretting THAT text message!

You must have a very long penis. Congratulations.


What's the big deal about being first? Or what's the big deal about NOT being first?

Simply put, it's quite a difficult feat to achieve.

Wuts the point of saying first??!?!?!!?! NO ONE GIVES A DAMN Also- at least u get credit, now it will be easy 4 u to have sex wit her again :D

suaveneanderthal 0

man this all depends on what kind of girlfriend you have and if you had sex three days ago, she might just be drunk and got her days mixed up... or she's cheating either way that sucks.

52 - I somewhat feel you've missed the point. Why would he want to sleep with her again? Retard.

You're all wrong. OP's girlfriend had telepathic sexytime with him.

WOW. I wanna hear the FML about how she tries and cover that up!

wtf is going on it seems like every on fml is cheating lol makes you wonder about your relationship...still i thought that was funny FYL!

YDI for having a **** girlfriend. (:

mehwhateverr 0

yeah, because he KNEW she'd cheat on him, right? i hate comments like that. FYL, op.

Forward the text to her when she's sober...I bet she'll be regretting THAT text message!

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i coulda been 2nd too...but it wouldnt send :(. i can die feeling acomplished...i always wanted to be first so bad but never thought it could happen. haha. i got second yesterday. YAYAYAYAYAYA :D

shut up. you're such a waste of space.

dinosaursmoo 0

#1/#6 - what grade are we in? lets grow up.

i love how pissed people get on the internet... watch: Today, I had amazing sex with this guy. I sent a text to him thanking him for it, but I accidentally sent it to my boyfriend who has been out of town of 3 days. FML

nah, i meant at the first guy who wasn't shutting up, not at the OP..

Go die? Dont you think that's a little harsh? 0_o

GGnoRe 0

To people like that? Never.


zomg stfu its sooooo annoying when people change the FML perspective. lol just kidding

MegamiKaosu 28

You must have a very long penis. Congratulations.

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HAHA at #3. not really his fault. that sucks, maybe your girlfriend was so drunk she rolledback 3 days earlier.. HAHA

flooger101 6

Exactly, She might have ment the last night they did did it and not lastnight. Especially if she was drunk!

that's low life of her. sorry, dude.

princeofpeace 0

How many of these kind of FMLs do we need, honestly?

How many more people do we need to tell us what fml's we need and what fml's we don't need? Honestly!

I agree. I mean, it's terrible that something like that happened, but I've seen several of these that are almost exactly the same.

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i think its so stupid when people comment on the FMLs being overused. we are eventually going to run out of FMLs if everything people see has "already been on the site". circumstances, even wording, change so technically its a new FML.