By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Hemel Hempstead
Today, I was talking to my future mother-in-law about my upcoming wedding. She told me that I wasn't allowed to have the wedding at a church, nor wear a white dress, nor have roses for flowers, because that would mean I'd be "copying" her. FML
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  GypsyRover  |  0

I hate people who are retarded like that. Show her pics of people who got married before her,then ask why she copied all of those people. I'm sorry you are going to have a dumb mother-in-law op. Best wishes to you.

  Carmstro  |  13

To earn brownie points (if that's even possible, sounds like a lost cause here) OP should have said something about how she only wanted to copy her because she admired her so much.

  Gabilliam  |  19

What is she, a second grader? "Waaahhh! Teacher! Teacher! She's copying my work!!!"
Do what you want OP, she can't dictate how your wedding should be, after all, she's not the one getting married. If she still doesn't like, don't invite her. She'll have only brought it upon herself.

  char08  |  0

sorry op, she sounds retarded... I'm worried that she's going to give you a hard time after the marriage. make sure she does not come to live with you guys.


just tell her, "I'm marrying ur son, or is that copying u too?" unless ur wearing her dress, going to the same church, and using her dead roses u aren't copying her. make her look up the word.

  Llamacod  |  11

uh, #116, are you suggesting that op's future mother in law married her own son? because that would be how op would be copying her. I think you need to look up the definition of copying.

  zandalee  |  19

She is trying to show you who is the boss.
If you do as she tells you this early in the relationship, she will always treat you like shit and will always be trying to take you over.
Stand up to her. Put her in her place & hopefully she will see you aren't a pushover.

  Slender_Man  |  6

I think she's referring to the one that says him, nova, and Toby don't give a shit if they're copying. They're just trying to get their subs to stop saying they're copying.

  anencephalic  |  14

No, 82, but presumably OP's boyfriend's mother invited her husband's (OP's boyfriend's father) mother to their wedding (OP's boyfriend's mother and father's wedding, that is), get it?