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Today, my girlfriend and I were getting hot in the bedroom. Her phone rang and she stopped to have an hour long conversation with her ex. FML
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Why would he leave her just because of a conversation

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Current boy friend just got pushed aside for an ex... I would've walked out, no doubt. If things are getting hot and heavy, you don't stop to talk to your ex.

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3 - while I'm usually not one of the people to instantly go the "dump her/him" rout, I'd say it's pretty understandable in this situation. Although, it'd be better if we knew what kind of conversation it was. If it was an argument between the two, then it'd be better, but I'd still be pissed nonetheless. However, if it was an hour of idle chit chat then I'm all for dumping the hoe.

I would have slap her ass really hard.

I would be very upset. Who the hell needs to talk to their ex that long while they are with their bf/gf? Who knows if Op's gf does this when she is home. She shouldn't have any reason to talk to her ex even if she was mad at him. I understandstand that some people can be friends with their ex, but this is just

Actually, if this was a girl OP actually loved (as in was fond of) as opposed to just another girl he's in a relationship with, I'd probably be more mature about it and just tell her that if she still love's her ex, then she should try getting back with him and not fool around with other guys. If, however, she's expendable, and OP could really just go and find another girl, I guess it makes sense to just walk out and find someone else. As a final possible scenario, if OP asked her about her feelings towards the ex and she says she doesn't love him and that they're just friends, you should probably leave her anyways if she'd rather talk to a friend than interact with her "lover". TLDR: Dump her.

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Hitting a woman 23? Really? You are so classy. (sarcasm)

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56 - I'm sure you've never, mad a joke about kicking a guy in the nuts, or ever thumbed one up. (sarcasm)

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I would've walked right out also, and if she asked where I was going I would've told her "to talk with my ex". Get that bitch mad lol.

I'm all for my current love interest talking to their ex's. But it would be nice if it wasn't while they are with me. If there do it around me, whatever, but not when its to the point they are talking to them more than me. And definitely NOT okay if we are fooling around. I get it, phone rings, check it in case its someone important, maybe even answer in case it is life or death, but put the damn thing away instead of blueballing me for your ex if those aren't the case.

I think he meant literally slapping her ass xD.

76, Thats the thing, we don't know if it was or wasn't a case of life and death. We also don't know the scenario of the relationship. Too much unknown on this, the situation sucks so **** your life, but other than that there isn't enough information to judge anyone here.

As much as I hate to agree with a guy with a six-pack picture up...

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See now what you need to do is get her in the same kind of situation and have a buddy call you right in the middle of it, if the bitch gets mad let out all the anger if not, well do on to other as you would have done to you. Well at least you would get to leave her in style rather than just leaving and her (possibly) getting back with her ex.

Don't let the door knob hit ya where the good lord split ya

Lol this is gotta be the saddest man alive.

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116 - That's an eight pac... ;p

who stays on the phone for an hour in a life or death situation? no one, this was probably a casual chat and I feel sorry for op having to put up with it. I agree with many, I'm usually not to go for the dump her attitude but she chose talking to an ex boyfriend over having intimate time with you. it's a time in which any couple should not get interrupted, ESPECIALLY by an ex. get rid of her.

132 - I won't point out the irony for you. But why is he an idiot, it WAS just a conversation. Maybe something terrible happened... family member died, pet died, current gf dumped him. Some things (not many =P) trump sex, and a friend in need of help should generally be one of those things.

That fact that you sat there for an hour proves YDI. You should've just walked out.

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I don't if I'd still want some after that, if it happened to me!

I'm sure if the OP did get some, she was fantasizing about him being her ex-boyfriend.

I'd have nailed her during the conversation, then left her. A real man always finishes.

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agree, get some and dump her. I'm a girl but if I was OP, I'd get some and tell her she needs to sort out her emotional issues and send her on her way. she's obviously using you as a distraction because she's not over her ex..

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While this sort of recommendation is often unfounded from the FML community, I can actually see why breaking up might be the best idea in this situation.

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Shows how much she cares. Invite her to dinner and hit on the waitresses, that should teach her a lesson.

Exactly, an eye for an eye. That'll show her. However you decide to pay her back, don't talk to her! Communication will ruin your relationship.

idk, she basically had pillow talk and it wasn't even with OP. he should just end it.

5 - You're forgetting what kind of society we live in. That would just get OP branded an asshole.

12- a girl like that doesn't deserve communication, she deserves a boot in the ass out of OP's front door.

That reminds me of sex and the city when Skipper was having sex with that model girlfriend and Miranda called. "Are you breaking up with me while you're still inside of me?"

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Although I don't like that show, I have to agree that Tyler's statement is a factitious hasty generalization, as multiple counter proofs were immoderately evident.

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While her ex gets the lip, you get the ********. I wouldn't complain.

That "lip" could be useful for something else..

Moral of the story: women are excellent sex toys! They don't have personalities, or emotions, or dreams, or ideas. In fact we only call them human so they don't nag us! The OP is simply capitalizing on an opportunity to have only the good parts of a lady, her lady parts. People like this who don't appreciate a woman's personality and mind don't deserve her body.

65- but that type of woman doesn't really deserve much. She was about to have SEX with her BOYFRIEND, but instead took a hour phone call from her EX boyfriend. To anyone that's a slap to the face and plain disrespectful. She doesn't deserve a boyfriend. And if she's putting out while she has feelings for someone else she's not really thinking too much about herself either.

122- I couldn't agree with you more. My comment was a generalization, not necessarily a commentary on OP's situation. What the girlfriend did was tremendously disrespectful. And respect should be earned.

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Oh hell no. I really hope you left her ass there. Who ditches their real boyfriend for an ex during sex? Obviously you're not that important to her OP. Your next girl shouldn't be nothing like your ex girl.

Don't take it bad, just looking for comedians for jerrySpringer show. You need to be over 80kg though...

Black keys reference? My next girl will be nothin like ex girl. I made mistakes back then I'll never do it again. *cue awesome riff

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55-What was wrong with her speech?

87, she used a double negative "shouldn't be nothing"

Sounds like she wasn't getting as hot as you were.

Sorry! Comment meant for someone else. :/ blahhh...

^ EDITTTEEDDD-> Wtf??? I tried to post at someone else and AGAIN, it did this. Sorry.

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I would be very angry if that happened to me. I would walk out and not look back! Respect !!!