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  free2speak  |  14

Well at least he tried. I'll take "congratulations" over the mind numbing "first". Anyway, up until a few years ago, I used to have a lot of panic attacks. the most embarrassing one was in a similar situation as OP's. We were all putting on a demonstration about proper ways to meditate. And all of a sudden I remembered my big Biochem test the next day which escalated into thinking about me possibly failing the class, into ruining my gpa, into not getting into a grad school and next thing I know, I was being rushed to the college nurse. I still have mini panic attacks but that had to be the most embarrassing one.

  Keyman1212  |  17

I know nothing about Yoga, but I wonder what that position looks like? Do you like stab yourself a few times, then break your arm and however you bleed out is the position?


OP was practicing the "corpse" position in yoga! personally I've never done yoga but my girl is a big fan of it and she said there were times when students actually dozed off in that position!


I think there is a perfect place where they can make use of OP since it sounds like she can't handle life to well. I think she can easily recruit to kamikaze squad - they'll be thankful, at least let's hope so they will..

  Jaxx66  |  27

I'm thinking like a body would if you just tossed it aside. So splayed out with arms and legs all crooked. Include tongue lolling for effect.

  Leahbabe15  |  35

Who can't afford live? Well at least I can afford an education so I can at least say what I mean. ON TOP of my play station 3 and my brand new car and house. Hahahaha!

  Jaxx66  |  35

I only play PC games normally or PS2. But my bf just recently got me a Xbox, it's amazing! Don't PS3 games only have an 8 hour play through anyhow?? And on top of that. I'd prefer to have an Xbox and PAY for service than to have free service and get a bunch more people who I probably won't like. Same applies to free MMO's


I actually cannot do gym class because of panic attacks. So instead I do it through correspondence. If yoga, which is supposed to help causes panicking, then find something else. I'm assuming it was recommended to help you relax, so if it does the complete opposite, try something else. And like someone else said, at least it wasn't at school, or in a crowded place, like it could have been!

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