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Lol that's probably what I would have tried too, but my dad can recognize my voice anywhere, OP's dad is probably the same way. That plus OP's caller ID most likely showing up, the dad would have seen right through it. So yeah, OP, no way outta that one, FYL!


Unless he had caller ID & checked after she hung up, that would make her sound even stupider than before. Who the hell starts speaking right away when the other line picks up even if you called the right person? It's always possible a friend or sibling etc could answer the phone. YTDI OP

  KatherineAnne  |  7

She could have pretended like her friend was pranking people and screamed omg!!! And then "dad I am soooo sorry... My friend stole my phone and was pranking ppl!"

  CableX17  |  0

lunaticsol must be an extremely self-conscious slut. Especially seein as how 11 never said anything bout anyone bein slutty....stop sleeping around lunaticsol!!!! STD's!!!