By crazyt446 - 11/07/2009 15:13 - United States

Today, I called my boyfriend and when he answered, I said the dirtiest thing I could think of to him on the phone. After a long silence, I heard, "Lacey? Is that you?" I accidentally called my dad. FML
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Oh dear, always check who you're calling before engaging in risky behavior!

Ugh FYL. D: I would've pretended I was somebody else.


Oh dear, always check who you're calling before engaging in risky behavior!

Thats so typical, she really should have looked at her phone!

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why is it that everyone always calls their mom or dad #1?

i wonder if the phone was on private

Hopefully, for the sake of her love life, yes.

YDI for not telling the differnce in voice of your dad and boyfriend

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#106 I know right, I bet when they have sex she thinks of her dad more than her boyfriend.

Ugh FYL. D: I would've pretended I was somebody else.

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Lol that's probably what I would have tried too, but my dad can recognize my voice anywhere, OP's dad is probably the same way. That plus OP's caller ID most likely showing up, the dad would have seen right through it. So yeah, OP, no way outta that one, FYL!

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Unless he had caller ID & checked after she hung up, that would make her sound even stupider than before. Who the hell starts speaking right away when the other line picks up even if you called the right person? It's always possible a friend or sibling etc could answer the phone. YTDI OP

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I know. OP should've said something like "What? This is Cindy, Lacey's friend. Danielle, is that you?"

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There really is no way out of that, but hopefully she's an adult and it won't be such a big deal.

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She could have pretended like her friend was pranking people and screamed omg!!! And then "dad I am soooo sorry... My friend stole my phone and was pranking ppl!"

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haha. That's what he gets for giving you a skanky name like Lacey. :)

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nothing wrong with the name Lacey

Rude.. I love the name Lacey and I actually want to name my first daughter Lacey.

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LOL. Fail. Big. Fail. I agree with #1. Lol

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Oh... i mean, that just like............ that sucks :| tbh, if it was me, i'd have a hard time looking my dad in the eyes again :x

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I wanna know what you said...

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yeah soooo, what did you say?

Well, your life is officially over. Run away to Canada and change your name to Roberta.

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lunaticsol must be an extremely self-conscious ****. Especially seein as how 11 never said anything bout anyone bein slutty....stop sleeping around lunaticsol!!!! STD's!!!