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By EternalBlossom - 14/07/2015 05:03 - United States

Today, I had decided that I was ready to have sex with my boyfriend. So, I called him and told him how naughty I felt, only to realize that I had called my dad. FML
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At least he didn't say, "Who's your daddy?" in return.

I still wonder how people manage to do this.


Holy shit I write damn and I get 20 dislikes he writes damn and gets 52 upvotes. I never realized how stupid society was until now ?

At least he didn't say, "Who's your daddy?" in return.

oh but how perfect would that be if he did followed by a you are and a long lecture just to keep it from getting creepy

Yeah, that would be a whole different FML.

so now he knows his daughter is a naughty girl

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I'm assuming it went like this.. OP: Hey baby. I'm ready to have sex. I'm touching myself right now thinking about you. OP's dad: Honey, I appreciate the sentiment but your mother would kill me.

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Maybe OP wasn't wearing her contacts when she opened her contacts on her phone, and clicked on "Daddy" instead of "David

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Or she used the voice command feature on her phone, and instead of 'Phillip' the phone called 'Dad' because voice recognition on phones ******* sucks

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because she was using an iPhone and she's Scottish

when he answered the phone you weren't able to tell the difference between their voices?

She might have just started talking, not allowing her dad to speak first.

I still wonder how people manage to do this.

Excitement tends to cloud judgement sometimes.

Maybe similar names in the phone like "Dad

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My only guess is that both her boyfriend and her dad were under "daddy" in her phone.

maybe she got confused Danny from daddy

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You guys are going to have a fun conversation tonight!

That had to be embarrassing... I'm sorry that happened to you :/

that has to be the understatement of the year

What go you want me to put? That I'm happy for her? -_-

I'm not sure which one of you would be more mortified.