Freaked out

By scarredforlife - 03/10/2015 01:13 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, after taking my little niece out onto the balcony of her family's new apartment to enjoy the view, we watched as a man jaywalked across the street down below and was run over by a car. My niece is pretty much traumatized for life now. FML
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And that is why you always look both ways.

He really tried to leave his mark on the world... and the pavement.


And that is why you always look both ways.

lexiieeex3 32

That's what you get when you let your heart win

Whoooaaahoaoao!.... wait, why the fuck did we break into Paramore? Did Hayley Williams run over the guy?

He really tried to leave his mark on the world... and the pavement.

He really hit the road.

Oh I can relate actually because I took my niece to a parade yesterday and a little kid got ran over by a float and she's just now started talking again.

He's in the hospital but I don't know any details sadly because I don't know the parents.

Well that's just flat out bad

Is anyone mire worried about the man than the niece.

I'm not. While nobody deserves to get knocked down, it is definitely his fault that he did. The kid however was simply trying to enjoy the view from her balcony.

Oh damn, poor guy. So sorry for your niece

Seriously, who the hell can say this person deserved it??

I sometimes press the wrong button. My fingers are a little big... but yeah, I'd assume all the YDI's were mostly accidental

wickedhyype 17

I imagine you said something like this "Dont worry, he's just sleeping....forever."

Tell her that's why you look both ways but that wasn't your fault op it will blow over before you know it

Ahh, so that's where Caitlin Jenner was this week.

I thought this was funny

Liberal FML can't take jokes

Lmao all the butthurt libtards disliking my comment because they know I'm right.

Looks like everyone is butthurt over a famous tranny that got away with manslaughter lol