By Lisa - 02/01/2010 07:02 - United States

Today, my boyfriend called my cell. I picked up and said "Hi, this is Lisa and I want you to fuck me raw". It was my dad. He was at my boyfriend's parent's house and forgot his phone. FML
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Cartain 0

I think this is very much your fathers FML.


metalfan333 0

another fake story

ur dad probably said "when do u wanna come over?" mmmm damn nice boner right there

bballer55 0

oh so deserved this one u always say hello and wait for a reply so u kno its him

jrkarikas 0

haha I did that too! I said hey this is John what time should I eat you out? it was her friend. good thing she just laughed it off.

A couple of days later, here on FML: "Today I called my daughter from her boyfriend's cell phone. She answered by saying I should fuck her raw. FML"

To bad you didn't have call display.

are you retarded?

3 r u stuipid learn how to read her dad was using her boyfriends phone dumbass

Hunthas 17

excuse me, I believe you mean "Too" bad. Lurn too trole newb!

I thumb myself up a lot. I'm a bit insecure like that.

She knew it was him...

She did have CallerID that's the point. FYL OP.

That guy made me cry. D: I'm a bit late on this one.. That's not bad!

itspimpz 0

ohh Lisa you naughty girl you shud give me a call.

Cartain 0

I think this is very much your fathers FML.

babygirllove 0

Im pretty sure it's her FML too

indiechickXD 0

lmfao. Niceee chickie, nicee.

Haha you fail! It's gonna be awkward next time you see your dad.

serves you right.

shiznutmuffin 0

I know right that's some messed up stuff

haha awkward.!!

perdix 29

So, did he accept or reject your invitation? Which is worse -- incest or being put in the Friend Zone by your own dad?

hmmm id say incest