By GamerGirl - 30/01/2010 15:17 - United Kingdom

Today, I caught my boyfriend cheating so I broke up with him. As revenge he threw my PS3 and XBox out of the window when I wasn't in our house. I got those consoles out of the spare money my three jobs had brought in - the same three jobs I had to get because he refused to get a job of his own. FML
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id kick him in the balls if i where you for breaking your ps3

janise 2

Yeah, she has plenty of money from working THREE jobs. Her ex was nothing but a lazy scumbag. Then again she did stay with him and let him mooch off of her so I can't feel much sympathy about the 3 jobs but F Her Life about the consoles and the cheating.


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@ #98: You just made a statement.. Good job..

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No need to sue - willful destruction of property and criminal damage are both criminal offences. She should prosecute. She can sue too, of course.

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#162, I agree. You know, OP, to get rid of rodents the old-fashioned way, you would use a broom. Go get a broom and sweep him out of your life permanently. Baseball bats work too, I suppose.

Yep. File a police report, and take him to court. I bet you can even make some money in the process, off his loser ass. Hope you get new consoles, soon!

YOU HAVE TO GET A GUY WHOS WILLIN TO WIRK AND PROVIDE FOR U YDI for nit realizing what a cheap bastard u were with

ydi, only because u know he refused to work. the fact that u game is awesome. now kill him

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Idiot. I would have just stolen them.

OP beacuse you are a gamer girl, most guys would probably fall head over heels in love with you. I bet youre smart too, seeing that you have a job. Sue his sorry ass and get a better BF!

#199 Do I need to slap you with a dictionary, or has someone done that so hard you turned into... That?

she could also sue for civil damages, its called conversion when you permanently destroy someones property and they are not able to use it anymore.

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what an sob..hes the one that cheated, he has no right to be mad at u

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...oh yes SOME are believe me

It's a 50-50 chance they are but you'll never know :(

What a ******** and he probably even did it there in your bed. I would never do anything like that as long as the woman I'm with is faithful. If not sayonara.

YDI, if he's cool with you busting your ass working 3 jobs while his lazy ass sits around playing video games all day then he obviously is a selfish loser and isn't going to think twice before doing something like cheating on u.

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janise 2

Yeah, she has plenty of money from working THREE jobs. Her ex was nothing but a lazy scumbag. Then again she did stay with him and let him mooch off of her so I can't feel much sympathy about the 3 jobs but F Her Life about the consoles and the cheating.

I agree with you 55. Sucks about the console but YDI more for staying with someone that was such a deadbeat. You stood by his side working three jobs while he sat around and did nothing and you want sympathy for your stupidity? It doesn't work that way.

how does she deserve it? just because she can afford to buy things?

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Agreed, if this guy refuses to get a job and forces you to get three, you shouldn't expect him to be a good guy.

id kick him in the balls if i where you for breaking your ps3

no, ps3s are crappy. he did the OP a favour now she can buy a wii like a clever person who doesn't date a lazy gold digger

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74 the wii is the worst out of all consoles. It doesn't even have a good story in most of its games. OP, as a gamer myself I am truly sorry for your loss.

You havent played the wii have you, cornsnake rockediny EastonxStealth Danielt104 and xanniefiend420?

@#133 shes a gamer. why doesnt she have a wii? WII isnt a gamer console!

A wii is for casuals and people who just like "party games". It's not a gaming console, there's nothing competitive or remotely time consuming about it (Believe it or not, Wii Bowling is not a game one actually invests real time in.) If you have one, great, but no gamer makes it their priority console.


i guess you guys haven't played MARIO PARTY its a supper competitive game I know I curse a crap load when I'm P playing it and have you guys not read that it is the best gamer CONSOLE, it just sucks cause dumb people don't read instructions and put on the strap that comes with the control duh... thats the only reason they say that its a great console but it has a bad story kids have sent the remote flying into their tv screens and broken noses so much crap but thats the only reason they say it bad.BUT I LOVE THE XBOX 360


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l_ 19

mario party? did you even read Postludes comment? that game is exactly what he/she described, a game designed for the casual gamer (a party game, hence the title mario PARTY). the game is practically plot-less, it's just an interactive board game. if you want a real gamers pick i'd suggest something like the half-life series,with it's engaging plot, character development, and a gravity gun, it's a pretty good all around game. and i'm not saying mario party isn't fun, but it just wasn't designed with hardcore gamers in mind.

She, but thank you. It's a board game for the TV! You might as well be playing Cranium. Nobody plays Mario Party by themselves. It might be competitive amongst your 3 friends in the living room, but nobody brags about their win/loss ratio in Mario Party. Also, half life ftw. *knuckles*

Ugh, the Wii is casual argument, that's ******* new. In my experience, the people that are all 'oh, the Wii isn't a proper console' are snobby gamers who know shit-all about gaming beyond the PS3/360, and think that any game that isn't an FPS or war game is shit. That's not to say everyone who dislikes the Wii is, just everyone I've spoken to. Also, OP, sorry you turned out to be dating such an immature ****.

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I dislike the wii, and I know a lot about gaming. I have a falcon pc motherboard. I can play a lot of good racing games on that and my other consoles. But I do understand what you're talking about.

Firstly, sucks for your loss OP. Irregardless of whether it was gaming consoles or designer dresses, the OP worked hard to get them. Your bf was an ass. And I own both a Wii and an Xbox 360, and the Wii does deliver a fun experience, with series such as Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Mario. However, the Xbox 360 is still far, far more awesome :D The only complaint I have about it really is the extortionate online fees :S

Wii's r made for 8 year olds dumbass

CantusVulpis 12

Zelda is the only reason I keep my Wii. I spend all day on the Xbox.

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195-If you get mad at playing Mario party you should try dark souls2

u shouldve threw his computer out....u know u wanted to

first of all you shouldnt have been living together...everyone knows that this doesnt work out you should wait until your married second why would you work for the both of you...looks like someone was using offense but next time dont fall into the same thing

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Are we living in the 1940's? Many people live together before they get married and turn out just fine. Why should you wait? So you can find out you live incompatibly together after you've made a life-long commitment?

Living together before marriage is pretty healthy and, in couples willing to actually have jobs, saves money on rent and bills. Don't be a self righteous dumbass. yea theres more and um you might try the same but before check who wrote it lol

Maddoctor 10

The sources from your first article are outdated by at least 10 years and the second is a thesis in an essay. Not to say they're wrong, but in contrast many married couples stayed together so long in the 50's and 60's because women were still opressed. They felt they couldn't divorce their husbands, and now people have more of a choice. In the 21st century, it's the norm to live together without the binding of marriage throughout your young adult stage rather than make a life-long commitment and then find out you really don't want to live with the person you married. It's common sense: when you're married, it's less likely you'll break up and move out than if you're just living together and break up and move out. You don't really need studies to tell you that.

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u kinda had that coming. ur working 3 jobs and had none he was a LOSER. something bad was bound to happen. u shoulda left him a long time ago.

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Sue? For what? A piece of paper that says he owes money is worthless unless he has any money to go after...

you and you ego should shut the **** up