By Ima in Hungary - 22/03/2012 12:06 - United States - Silsbee

Today, my boyfriend drove to my house to break up with me. He only did so after I'd vacuumed the whole house to compensate for his cat allergies. I thought he was just coming to dinner. FML
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DrNuggetcase 3

That sucks, but at least your house is clean!

atleast he didn't just text a break up. but still. shouldn't have made you vacuum..


That really sucks. At least you know he won't sneeze snot all over your house.

more like atleast he did it in person and not a text or something stupid like that. sryz OP.

Yeah that's very true. One promise I made to myself is to never break up with anyone except in person.

beccaishereyay 11

It's okay it probably wouldn't have worked out in the long run anyway. I could never marry someone allergic to my kitties!

At least he had the balls to do it to your face. I HATE people who break up over texts

@OP - Did you tell you're boyfriend that you cleaned your entire house for him? I bet that if you told him that, he would reconsider breaking up with you seeing how much you care for him. However, if you did do that, and he still broke up with you, that asswipe is missing out.

#12: It won't make one bit of difference. She'll still think it's a FML because she shampooed the cat, or her friend had an ingrown toenail and she supported her all day, or whatever else unrelated may have happened. She might even have cleaned the house (which obviously was only necessary because her boyfriend was visiting and has no benefits of it's own).

He didnt know .. But hes still a dick! Lool

DrNuggetcase 3

That sucks, but at least your house is clean!

They weren't married and she did state he went to HER house.

It's not a divorce it's a break up. They're not married. Re-read the FML.

^You're*...Wow, I just made myself look like an idiot right there. Karma has it out for me.

I would advise putting a cat in his house while hes out. Bur at least he disnt break up with her through text... I find that a douche movement.

22cute 17

Thats what I'm saying - you got a clean house out of it - that's good luck! The rest? His loss only.

wlddog 14

Who wants to go into a house covered in pet hair anyway. That's probably half the reason he is breaking up. You can always look forward to being the crazy cat lady down the street.

Eh at least you realized it and fixed it. You're smart enough :p

mwrc8man94 1

How do you know if she's better off without him?

because he broke up with her, he doesn't want to be with her anymore....who wants to be with someone who doesn't want them back?

nofearjenshere 12
mwrc8man94 1

Typical women. Back to the kitchen with yee

atleast he didn't just text a break up. but still. shouldn't have made you vacuum..

Well how did he know she would vacuum the house? He couldn't just say, oh don't bother cleaning or anything, I'm just coming over to break up with you

traze 7

Maybe she didn't want to look like a ****.

At least all you did was cleaned. He could've made you make him a nice dinner, then take you to the bedroom for some sexy time, then end the night with, "Oh by the way, we're done. Thanks for the dinner and sex though!"

Carefully place your cat on him while he's not looking

If he was smart he would have waited until after dinner to break up.